​Live Dogs And Pigs are Smashed into walls For deadly Car Crash Experiments

​Live Dogs And Pigs are Smashed into walls For deadly Car Crash Experiments

In another barbaric case of animal cruelty, Researchers in China are fastening live animals, including dogs, with seatbelts for car crash tests. 

According to expose conducted by PETA, the Chinese automotive industry’s carry on cruel practice of smashing live animals into walls at high speeds as part of deadly car-crash tests until their bodies are bloody, bruised, and mangled.

According to a blog post on the PETA website, the experimenters are conducted at Research Institute for Traffic Medicine and Daping Hospital.

PETA claims in these ‘violent experiments’ researchers also forced ‘dogs onto an L-shaped rigid seat in a human sitting position using cloth restraints’.

“They then affixed a disc to their heads with a steel wire rope, sewed sensors into their heads, held their heads up by their ears, dropped a hammer to hit the disc (causing the dogs’ heads to violently thrust backwards and resulting in whiplash, limping, and difficulty in moving hind limbs), and killed and dissected them,” the blog post states.

In the blog PETA stated that the live pigs were used “to acknowledge better the thoracoabdominal injury of the pediatric retrained by the belts in front crashes.”

Apart from this pigs were strapped into car seats for high-speed simulations, resulting in seven of the pigs dying.

“Experimenters tied live pigs to a metal sled for eight hours without providing them with water or food, screwed a metal block into their pelvis, inserted electrodes into their abdomen, slammed them into a wall – which caused multiple fractures and severe injuries to the animals’ spine, pelvis, and internal organs – and killed and dissected them.
Experimenters starved pigs for 24 hours, deprived them of water for six hours, strapped them into a car seat with seat belts and ropes, slammed them into a wall – which caused them to sustain severe fractures, contusions, and lacerations; caused bleeding of their internal organs; and resulted in immediate death for half the animals used – and then dissected them,” read the post in the blog.

‘It’s horrifying to look back now and imagine that animals were deliberately slammed into walls at high speeds in car-crash tests,’ the animal rights group said.  

PETA spokeswoman Anne Meinert slammed the tests saying,

“Letting intelligent and sensitive animals like pigs crash into walls in high-speed tests in China is simply cruel. It leads to broken bones, internal bruising, lacerations and horrible deaths.”

PETA argues that there are other alternatives that should be used for car crash research, as opposed to the ‘cruel, archaic, and unjustifiable’ use of sentient animals.

“These days, companies use advanced technology -such as clinical human studies, advanced computer modelling, 3-D medical imaging, and sophisticated manikins – for their car-crash research.

Other researchers have also used human cadavers and virtual reality (digital crash dummies) for the same purpose. In the 21st century, every car company on the planet should already have adopted these methods,” PETA said in its blog post.


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