10 Bizarre & Scary Things Ever Found At The Security Checkpoints of Airport

10 Bizarre & Scary Things Ever Found At The Security Checkpoints of Airport

Airports can be a busy place, lots of people, luggage and cases moving around all over the place! Strange things at airport security is a common find. For most people forgetting to take out their liquids can be quite an embarrassment…but for other people that’s just child’s play! 

Here are 10 weird things ever found at airport security.

10- Dead snakes

At Atlanta International Airport in 2007, a man coming into the United States from South Korea had a suitcase filled with jars and bottles full of dead venomous snakes. It was never revealed what he intended to do with so many dead reptiles.

9- Cannonball

A diver found an old cannonball while exploring an 18th century shipwreck, and he decided to take it and check it in with his luggage. Security control concluded it was too dangerous and potentially explosive, this resulted in an evacuation of all 300 passengers from the plane!

8- Body of iPhones

In China in 2014, airport security noticed something strange when a metal detector was set off. On closer inspection, the man who had set it off had 94 iPhones strapped to his body, and he was intending to sell them on at a much higher price.

7- 200 tarantulas

At Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the security officers confiscated a bag from a German couple which just so happened to contain 200 rare tarantulas that they were taking home from their trip to South America.

6- $1.2 million in gold bars

On a routine flight from Mumbai to Bangkok this was discovered during the plane clean up! These 24 gold bars were found in the bathroom, but staff were not too surprised as India is the world’s largest gold consumer and gold smuggling is rife.

5- 51 tropical fish

At Melbourne International Airport in 2005, something seemed fishy when security thought they heard sloshing sounds coming from the skirt of a woman. Turns out, she had 51 live tropical fish (which she was trying to transport illegally) hidden in an apron under her skirt.

4- Lipstick stun gun

So some say travelling alone as a female can be frightening. So instead of learning self defense and staying out of dark alleyways, one woman decided to bring her lovely lipstick taser with her. This was found in the woman’s back in Vermout. The exact voltage was 350,000 volts!

3- 4 grenades

A passenger tried to board a flight with four grenades in his bag. Obviously, they were confiscated, and the man was arrested.

2- Chastity belt

At Athens Airport a British woman was stopped by security due to the metal detector beeping. The crazy part was she was actually wearing the steel chastity belt as a guarantee of her loyalty for her husband during her holiday. Having trust is crazy i suppose…

1- 8-year-old boy

In 2015 in Spain, an 8-year-old Ivorian boy was found in a suitcase that had arrived from Morocco.


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