10 Bollywood actors who went for Hair Transplant Surgery!

10 Bollywood actors who went for Hair Transplant Surgery!

Stars are must be eye catchy. They must look stunning, energetic and young always because shutter bugs. They spend a lot of money on their beauty. Actors takes too much help for enhance their beauty. They go for the surgery for their beauty. Some of the actor are facing the balding and so that they go for the transplant for hair. Some of the not male actors but also female actors also facing the balding. Here is a list of the actors who under goes for transplants.

Salman Khan

A multitalented and versatile actor Salman Khan who faced the problem of balding and this star gone to under surgery. He is the famous high profile who went for this. He went to under surgery in Dubai for transplant by American surgeon. He went there several times between 2007 and 2013 for the surgery.

Sanjay Dutt

A macho Man Sanjay Dutt also facing the problem of balding badly so he went to the under surgery for hair. He went for the strip procedure in USA. His scar has been visible when he he cuts his hair short.


There was a time when Govinda was not seen in the cinema and he was hanging out for the real life. He also gone for the transplant and he dint go out due to damaged of his fresh hair. And then he took the advice from Salman Khan then he went for the transplant hair.

Kapil Sharma

It is not the popular that Kapil Sharma went under surgery of hair. He was facing the problem hair losing he went for the hair transplant for new look.

Amitabh Bachchan

When his career was down he was facing the problem of balding then for a new look he went for the transplant.  His hair looks natural whether it look natural or not real the fans love their stars regardless.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar facing the problem of baldness when he crossed 40 . After that his look was mature so he went for the transplant. So overcoming hair plights he went for transplant.

Himesh Reshmiya

A singer and versatile actor Himesh Reshmiya wear cap to hide his baldness but he went through hair transplant and got a new look then he comes in the public without cap and he was getting the popularity with his cap. A cap becomes his trademark. And with his new look he entered into the movie. And his hair was looking savvy and velvety long hair.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya

A melodious singer Abhijeet also faced the problem of baldness but unfortunately he could not take the advantage of the transplant he went for laser surgery on the same hospital where Salman Khan did his transplant in Dubai ILTH.

Akshay Khanna

Akshay Khanna was look amazing in his hair that he got in the hair transplant. When his hair move it looks so natural but his look in Dil Chahta hai was also charming. This has been Hrishita bhutt that in both look was charming whether he has hair or not.

Vivek Oberoi

Who don’t love hair of Vivek. His hair is flaunting and shiny. His looks natural after transplant. Don’t you think.