10 Bollywood Divas and Their MMS Scandals that Shocked the Whole Bollywood Industry

10 Bollywood Divas and Their MMS Scandals that Shocked the Whole Bollywood Industry

Bollywood and scandals are like two phases of a coin. B-Town stars are always making headlines either for their fashion sense or for some controversial reasons. It’s nothing new for Bollywood stars. They know that their life is not at all private and that they are always under public scrutiny.

However, it’s a whole other thing when stars are being caught in lip lock scenes or their private moments go viral. There have been many celebs who have been caught in MMS scandals which shook all of us. And I am sure many of us remember a few such instances.

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1- Mona Singh

Known best for TV serials and also some Bollywood movies, Mona grabbed the headlines when a video showed the actress completely nude. Later, the actress claimed the video to be morphed.

2- Katrina Kaif

Katrina and her sister Isabel were also caught in this mess. A video leaked showing Isabel’s lookalike but Katrina claimed the video as fake because Isabel was studying in New York at that time.

3- Hansika Motwani

The “Aap Ka Suroor” actress, like many other Bollywood actresses, faced a MMS controversy. A video showing a lookalike of Hansika taking a bath went viral.

4- Kareena Kapoor

Shahid and Kareena are living separate happy lives with their partners now. But when they were dating each other a video of them lip-locking got leaked and since then their affair became viral.

5- Veena Malik

Veena Malik was also caught in a video getting intimate with actor Ranjan Verma. However, Veena declared that the video was actually a scene of ‘Zindagi 50-50‘.

6- Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta also became a victim of an MMS scandal. A video was leaked where she was seen taking a shower. Later Preity clarified that the video is fake.

7- Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan was recorded in a video where she was seen going in a spa and was seen changing for a bikini wax. It is scary as hell but there is no proof that whether the video is real or fake.

8- Mallika Sherawat

The queen of bold and intimate scenes Mallika Sherawat was also caught in MMS scandals. She was caught getting intimate in a video clip with an unidentified man. But soon it was clarified that the woman in the video is actually Mallika’s lookalike.

9- Sonakshi Sinha

Recently, Sonakshi Sinha was in news when a sex video went viral on Whatsapp. The lady in the video had striking similarities with the actress but she was also considered to be a Sonakshi lookalike.

10- Radhika Apte

The talented actress also fell prey to scandals when a video was leaked in which she was seen flaunting her private parts. It was apparently a scene from one of her short films, which was leaked before its completion.


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