10 Bollywood Franchises which Should be stopped immediately

10 Bollywood Franchises which Should be stopped immediately

Bollywood is flooding with franchise films, sequels and remakes. Even a remotely successful film plans a sequel soon after it earns a little appreciation with the audiences.  But many of these films necessarily did not deserve a part 2, and frustratingly so some even ended up making a part 3! Let alone being irritating, they even killed our love for the successful originals.

We definitely want these 10 Bollywood franchises to not SHUT DOWN, simply because we have had enough!

1- Murder

The first part of the movie lacked the plot and had only one thing- intimate scenes. Though second part was quite watchable but again the third part was an epic fail and we can’t bear this franchise anymore.

2- Masti

The hilarious 2004 film was followed up by another almost 9 years later and in a much more annoying way with Grand Masti. Guess what?? It even managed to earn 100 crores we don’t know how!! What was even more regretful was that this sleaze fest was followed up by Great Grand Masti, but we definitely do not want another film from this franchise! We still have questions about how the CBFC deemed it fit to show these on TV and film theatres all across our insensibly sanskari nation.

3- Krrish

The Sci Fi Bollywood drama Koi Mil Gaya, was made into a super hero franchise called Krrish and after the first wow part we don’t know what happened. Krrish 2 and 3 went slightly overboard with the experimenting and even succeeded but somehow we don’t want a Krrish 4 to over do things and spoil the fun. Krrish 4 is definitely announced and in making though.

4- Housefull

Another franchise which speaks for itself and asks makers to stop creating it. The multi starrer comedy from the house of Sajid Khan was definitely a no brainer delight! But it got more annoying with each follow film from the franchises. Neither Housefull 3 nor 4 was good when it comes to content, even though it might have earned at the box office. With Riteish Deshmukh as the only constant, the cast of the movie keeps changing and the audience is really fed up of the comedy which isn’t even funny anymore. Moreover, if the makers need to be remembered in the books for good films, we definitely suggest them to discontinue this franchise.

5- Kya Kool Hain Hum

Double meaning jokes, too many sexual innuendos and creepiness beyond one can take. This has been the growth of the Kya Kool Hain Hum franchise with its 3 films.  We certainly cringe at even the reminder of these films and we cannot take any more!

6- Dhoom

Alright, the first one was entertaining, and yes, we watched the second one mostly due to Aishwarya and Hrithik’s chemistry. The third one had two Aamir Khans and after a point that just wasn’t enough. How long will we have to keep pretending that Abhishek Bachchan’s Jai isn’t utterly incompetent in doing his bloody job, you know, solving crimes? He cannot spot criminals, even if they were quite literally dancing in front of him with background dancers, flaunting chiselled AF abs!But we have somehow had our fill of the Dhoom films and we want it to end on the blockbuster note that was Dhoom 3.

7- Golmaal

Rohit Shetty’s first Golmaal was honestly the only movie from this comic-series which had real fun-factor. The others were just stretched with old jokes and bad punches and the audience review on content is a proof. Moreover, his last movie starring Parineeti Chopra was the most un-funny movie anyone would have ever seen. But once again, the script for the fifth film is already finalized and we can only wish that it will be the last.

8- Race

Abbas-Mastan’s Race and Race 2 were only tolerable till Saif Ali Khan was the protagonist and the story was quite intriguing. But with Race 3 starring Salman Khan, the whole franchise flipped top to bottom owing to the worst dialogs any movie would have seen and similarly with the songs. We expect the makers realize their mistake of adding another movie to this franchise and decide not to make any such blunders which will only make audience to race and move out of the theaters.

9- Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

‘ Once Upon A Time In Mumbai ‘ was able to perform well due to the acting of Ajay Devgn, but his sequel was unbearable and the acting skill of Imraan Khan is not hidden from us. This Balaji film has disappointed the audience with its sequel and we definitely don’t want any other sequel.

10- Hate Story

Why is this one even a series? According to the very murky standards of determining box office returns, all the three films in this series, starring huge (pronounce it just like Trump would, people) stars like Karan Singh Grover and Zarine Khan, have been commercially successful. But seriously, why?

Phew! Bollywood can we get some fresh concepts to fall in love with please!


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