10 Bollywood Heroes who Did Excellent Job in Playing Real Life People on Big Screen

10 Bollywood Heroes who Did Excellent Job in Playing Real Life People on Big Screen

Movies based on the life of famous personalities are always entertaining to watch. We get to know about famous people’s personal experiences so that we could learn from their struggles and wisdom. But, until and unless the storytelling is compelling enough in a movie we may not learn our lessons. And when I say storytelling, I count actors and their performances as well. 

Bollywood has given us countless occasions of knowing and learning about people we admire. But a share of credit should also be given to actors who take that role and live upto our expectations. We have compiled a list of artists who nailed it!

1- Gour Hari Dastaan

A simple and honest cinematic presentation of a real life story of Odiya freedom fighter Gour Hari Das, this is an ‘eye opener’ film that has been thoughtfully written. It was all about an old freedom fighter humbly asking for his much deserved respect from the people of his own independent country, who have somehow gone blind and deaf in the ugly race of lust, greed and power in the last 68 years. Vinay Pathak portrayed the role of Gour Hari Das in the movie. Certainly one of the best performances of his career till date and that too not as a funny man.

2- Veerappan

Veerappan is a docudrama film written by K. Balaji and directed by Ram Gopal Varma. The film is based on the events leading to Operation Cocoon to capture or kill Indian bandit Veerappan. The role of Veerappan is played by Sandeep Bharadwaj in the movie.

3- Hawaizaada

‘Hawaizaada’, is based on the real life story of scientist Shivkar Bapuji Talpade. In the film Ayushmann is playing the role of Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who is supposed to have constructed and flown India’s first unnamed airplane in 1895.

4- Manjunath

“Manjunath” is based on the true story of an IIM Lucknow graduate Manjunath Shanmugam, who was killed in 2005 for fighting against corruption and taking on the fuel mafia. Sasho Satiiysh Saarathy  portays the role of Manjunath in the movie.

5- Zubiedaa

“Zubeidaa” is based on the life of ill-fated actress Zubeidaa Begum (played by Karisma Kapoor), who married Hanwant Singh of Jodhpur.

6- Main Aur Charles

“Main Aur Charles” is based on real-life serial killer Charles Sobhraj. Backed by an intelligent script and in-depth research, it was an interesting attempt to look into the mind of a hardcore criminal. Randeep Hooda played Charles in the movie.

7- Aligarh

Starring Manoj Bajpai and Rajkummar Rao, “Aligarh” is based on the life of a Muslim professor who was sacked on charges of homosexuality.  The film was a roaring success among critics and audience.

8- Shahid

Starring Rajkummar Rao, “Shahid” takes from the life of lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi, who was assassinated in 2010. The real life Shahid Azmi also defended the 2004 film Black Friday while it was struggling for a release against the Censor Board and that act influenced Anurag Kashyap to make a film about his life.

9- Paan Singh Tomar

“Paan Singh Tomar” is a story of an accomplished Indian athlete who is forced to become a bandit, when the system fails him.  A well-executed script and Irrfan Khan’s powerhouse performance make it a compelling watch.

10- Manto

Nawazuddin Siddiqui shines as Saadat Hussain Manto, the controversial author of the 1940s and 50s. From his unruly curls to his bespectacled face and wiry frame, Siddiqui captures the essence and mood of the writer with brooding intensity and evocative dialogue delivery.


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