10 Bollywood Stars and Their Special Clauses before Signing up any Film

10 Bollywood Stars and Their Special Clauses before Signing up any Film

The bollywood actor by whom we get   enlivened, buckle down for their jobs. They make Some change into their looks totally, get prepared by experts,   strong thing is to be bald, losing or putting flesh. They earn handsome money through this however they additionally  have their very own points of confinement and requests which they notice in their agreements earlier.

The following are 10 Bollywood stars who have made stunning requests in their agreements:

1) Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena has been an extraordinary actor, she is multitaleted actor she knows how to give the vital life to the character she has done all that it needs to wind up an incredible performer that she is today. She got hitched to Saif Ali Khan in the year 2013, and after that she included something in her condition. The new statement was that she won’t do any kissing or bedroom scenes in her movies. Thus she declined to contact Ajay Devgn’s lips in ‘Satyagraha’ (2013) while shooting a sentimental song.

2) Salman Khan

Salman has never done any seductive scenes on screen. He demonstrated that, not just ladies, men additionally may get awkward in doing such scenes. He doesn’t consent to contact lips on screen. They say, he does it since his mom watches his films and he gets awkward.

3)Ali Zafar

Ali is a Pakistani  actor and he likewise has a few provisions in his agreement. His statement incorporates no-kissing as well as no private scenes what so ever. His reasons are that, he can’t quit thinking what the crowd of his nation  would consider him and how might they respond to such scenes.

4) Shah Rukh Khan

SRK being the King Khan of Bollywood looks exceptionally valiant in the scenes that he does. He is courageous without a doubt, yet did you know our valiant SRK fears horses? Indeed, you read it right. He doesn’t know to ride appropriately. He had even tumbled from a horse once and got extremely frightened and felt threat. From that point forward he included his agreement a “no horse riding clause.”

5) Tanuj Virwani

Like some other  citizens, even bollywood stars have their own fears. Some might fear insects or snakes or some may likewise be terrified of dogs. Tanuj had a statement that says ‘no-snakes’ when he marked, “One Night Stand” inverse Sunny Leone. He can’t work with snakes as he experiences herpetophobia that is an anomalous dread of snakes and reptiles. As his movies  was shot in the wildernesses of Thailand, Tanuj wasn’t happy in any way.

6) Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has moved toward becoming a significant referred to confront now to Indians and in addition non-Indians. After she entered Hollywood, she specified a statement in her agreement which read “no nakedness,” for her American TV arrangement ‘Quantico.” She did likewise with the agreement for “Baywatch” which will discharge soon, where she be seen working with Dwayne Johnson.

7)Akshay Kumar

In contrast to different provisions, Akshay’s is somewhat extraordinary condition. He has referered to his condition that he won’t take a shot at Sundays. Be that as it may, he had broken his provision twice, once to finish the film, ‘Once upon a time In Mumbai 2,’ and second ‘brothers.’

8)Hrithik Roshan

While shooting for the film ‘Mohenjo Daro,’ Hrithik Roshan made a statement in his agreement. The provison read that on the off chance that he needs to play more than the planned period then he ought to be payed more. As he trusts, “If I work more, I acquire more.”

9) Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is one of the most generously compensated actor in the Bollywood business. She is known for her astounding acting abilities. She has the intensity of last alter of the movies as made reference to in her statement. In this way, the ‘Queen’ of Bollywood has the condition that the last montage of the film and simply after her assent can the film get discharged.

10) Sunny Leone

The lovely Sunny Leone had given some extremely hot exhibitions in her movies, for instance Jism 2 and One Night Stand. After these films, she added to her provisions that she won’t get associated with anyone on-screen kissing from now on. The on-screen character wouldn’t fret doing close scenes however with her ‘no-kissing’ condition.


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