10 Bollywood Stars Who Don’t Give a FCUK to The Bollywood’s Paid Awards

10 Bollywood Stars Who Don’t Give a FCUK to The Bollywood’s Paid Awards

All the year round , when we see the movies of our favorite stars and the hard -work they give , it’s a wonderful feeling for us as an audience and being their fan , we all want that they should get appreciated at a more renowned level . For this , awards are the best source for appreciation and their encouragement . Award shows are being held globally for the actors who deserve the applause . Also including , the various categories which hold an important position.

Then comes the authenticity of these award functions . It is totally based on the jury , who is the winner and who is not .. But do you know that some of the actors , directors and many renowned names have that thing in mind that these award shows are biased enough to ignore their performance .

Today, we have brought to you some of the names from Bollywood that feels the same .

Let’s have a look:

  1. Aamir Khan
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Aamir , who is also known as Mr. Perfectionist is quite detemined in his mind and he does not attend award functions . It has been over a decade now since Aamir Khan made an appearance in any of these. If we’re to believe the rumors, they say it was because of the best actor award, which was given to SRK for DDLJ while Aamir was expecting himself to take it away for his movie Rangeela. After that we never got to witness his presence in these events (except for when he got nominated for Lagaan).

2. Emraan Hashmi

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The actor who has a record of hit tracks no doubts, every-time he has done a justified role in movies but he is rarely seen in the award-giving ceremonies. When asked in an interview, he said that he’d be glad to pass on his award to someone else. For him, audience’s appreciation matters the most and the condition he put forward to attend these shows is that he must get paid for attending one and performing in it. Although, now it seems like it has become quite difficult for him to sit throughout the event.

3. Ajay Devgan

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Singham of Bollywood , Ajay Devgan is a hit star . He makes audience go crazy by his extraordinary performance . Now it’s been more than a decade since he attended any award function. According to him, all these events are unfair and the main aim of the organizers is to earn enough money. Most of the films and actors, that are worthy of receiving these awards get ignored due to the money-making business. Thus, why should one waste time in watching some random performance by celebs.

4. Kangana Ranaut

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Her latest one is about the Filmfare awards , where her sister criticized the jury for not giving award to deserved ones. Kangana’s theory says that stop going to any award function, she states that she is indifferent to who-so-ever receives the accolade as she doesn’t even believe in these awards , titles and winning. Not to forget her remark that she has much better things to do in life than to sit there, doing some unproductive work.

5. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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One of the popular actor of Bollywood , Nawaz is highly acclaimed and praised throughout India for his acting in films like Kahaani , Raees , Bajrangi bhaijaan , Gangs of Wasseypur and Manjhi: The mountain man. This actor has stayed away from the whole business of awards. His criteria for judgment is the audience who truly love him for his hard-work .

6. Akshay Kumar

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Akshay Kumar, The Khiladi of Bollywood, has announced that he won’t be a part of any award functions in future. Soon after that, he was honored with the award for the best actor for a film which he considered unworthy of getting award. He thinks that, getting paid for an event and taking home one of those awards stands meaningless in front of the efforts put in by any celebrity in his/her work.

7. Taapsee Pannu

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The girl with those dusky looks and bold attitude , Taapsee has proved her worth with the film like ‘Pink’. She said that she has always been sidelined by the organizers of such events and thus, she didn’t receive a single award for her work. Adding on, she insists that support from audience matters the most to her . She refers these events as some “Indian television show” watched for mere purpose of entertainment.

8. Sridevi

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The wonderful gem , Sridevi, who is no more with us now was also against the award shows . She was informed that she would win the Best Actress award for her movie, ‘English Vinglish‘, which was denied at last moment and left her stunned. Soon after she decided not to be present at these functions.

9. John Abraham

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John was nominated many times for awards like “Best Actor” and “Best Supporting Actor”. He has now refused to attend any of the award ceremonies. He considers them to be meaningless and illogical that are happening for fun and nothing more than that.

10. Sunny Deol

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The lion of the industry , Sunny Deol has been a consistent actor who has won hearts by his power pact performances . The actor has restrained himself from going to these functions after his movie ‘Border’ did not get that much appreciation when compared to the movie ‘Dil toh Pagal Hai’.

So people!! I guess , we made you aware of some extra celebs who are added to the list of your knowledge now..

Feel free to share your thoughts regarding these award shows ..


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