10+ Boyfriend Fails That Can Make Any Girl Grit Her Teeth

10+ Boyfriend Fails That Can Make Any Girl Grit Her Teeth

You know how that famous saying goes. “Boyfriends, you can’t live with them, you would one-hundred percent be OK to live without them.” For all the good that they provide (big TVs, warm cuddles), there are so many infuriating things that boyfriends do that would make us pull our hair out of our heads if it wasn’t beautiful luscious hair that we definitely don’t want to ruin.

The boyfriends in this list don’t know how to perform basic human functions and for that, they must be shamed. Maybe this list will make you go, “Phew! I must have gotten a good boyfriend because mine doesn’t do these things!” Maybe it will make you go, “Yup. That’s my boyfriend.” Maybe it will make you go, “Wow, I’m so glad I don’t have a boyfriend!”

Whatever your situation, we can all rage at this list together.

1- “I asked my boyfriend to run me a bath… I was wrong.”

2- “Asked my boyfriend to tie my dress…”

3- “He was asked to finish cutting up the watermelon.”

4- “My boyfriend got into my hair mousse.”

5- “Asked my boyfriend to make a dish for a potluck this weekend…”

6- “The way my boyfriend left his ice cream cone while he went to pee”

7- “Wanted to bake a pumpkin roll from scratch and asked my boyfriend to buy the ingredients.”

8- “Got my boyfriend a label maker… I’m starting to regret it!”

9- “The way my boyfriend has been burning this candle”

10- “How my boyfriend let me know that he shaved his beard…”

11- “Asked my boyfriend to cross a date off my calendar and this is what he did.”

12- “Holiday with a new boyfriend — he opens bread like this…”

13- “Left the boyfriend in charge of cooking rice tonight.”

14- “I sent my boyfriend to get some essentials from the store before Easter weekend. He came home with this.”

15- “I asked my husband to put away the leftovers.”

16- “I asked my boyfriend to cut me a slice of melon.”


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