10 Clever Ads That’ll Make You Look Twice

10 Clever Ads That’ll Make You Look Twice

Ads are everywhere these days. But great ads are a rare sight. Sometimes while strolling down the street you’ll suddenly stumble upon an image with some text, and you’ll think to yourself “man, what a clever ad”. Congrats, you’ve just been hooked! First impression is a huge deal when it comes to advertising. If the ad doesn’t catch your eye in the first 2 seconds, chances are you’re not the target audience.

 Here is a mix of mind-bending product and PSA ads that will make you take a second look!

Garnier – For All Hair Types

While it might resemble this person has long blonde facial hair, in the event that you look nearer there’s really a lady before him!

Schick – Free Your Skin

Free your skin, regardless of whether that implies growing a creature as your beard.

For Sexier Knees

Without setting, this photograph talks about such huge numbers of different things… and knees are unquestionably not one of them.

Splashdown Waterpark

What a ride!

Plastic Bags Kill

We guess this is one of those packs that ought to boggle your brain.

Mars Truck Size. Yum!

We wonder what number of individuals attempted to lick the truck.

No To Cosmetic Testing

This advertisement should make you consider and battle the impacts of cosmetic testing. We think it flopped fantastically.

The Other Side Of America

It’s a funny one.

Ozeal – Simply Look Smart

Not exclusively will you see with these glasses yet you’ll additionally be extraordinary at maths.

AIAIAI Headphones

“Making sound sexy since 2006”.


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