10 Countries Where Men Have Tough Times Finding A Women To Marry

10 Countries Where Men Have Tough Times Finding A Women To Marry

Demography is a strange thing. In one country, the female population strongly outweighs the male; in some others, there are more men. The scales are tilted by migrants, housing problems, and even mentality. 
We have compiled a list of countries that lack women. So let’s take a look.

1. Libya

Libya has been engaged in various civil wars for many years leading to retreats of vulnerable women. It has a large number of men than women.

2. Phillipines

The country with beautiful people has more ratio of men than women. Women are less due to lack of jobs make women leave for other countries and settle there.

3. Iceland

In Iceland, on average, there are 104 men for every 100 women. In this regard, there were even rumors that the Icelandic government would pay foreign ladies to marry an Icelandic man, but this was quickly denied.

4. Norway

In Norway, there are 12,000 more men than women. And it’s not clear yet how to reduce this gender gap.

5. Sweden

The excess of men is connected with a large influx of refugees. At the moment, there are almost 15,000 fewer women in Sweden.

6. Afghanistan

This country was one of the most peaceful countries before the war that ravaged the country and the Taliban took control of it making the women flee from this country.

7. Nigeria

A country where you find equality, and also polygamy and various cases that made the women flee the country.

8. China

In China, there are 40 million more men than women due to gender partiality and selective birth control method.

9. The U.S.

The men ratio is higher than the women in the most city-states where cities like Dallas, Las Vegas have a 51.4% population of men as compared to women.

10. India

Known as the most populated country in the world but with the ratio of men higher than women due to ongoing violence and gender inequality.