10 Countries Who Have Copied Other Countries Flag

10 Countries Who Have Copied Other Countries Flag

Its reality that in one country so many different people from various nations live together and there are many nations which have different flags and these flags indicates that it belongs  to this country that on the national day we raise it however now and then when we investigate others signal but some countries copy the colour and shade of other countries of flag.

Some flags are similar to other countries flag. One country copy to other country’s flag but no bone can say copied flag.

Netherlands – Luxembourg

We dont know about this reality that the flags are copied to some others flag and now we need to realize who replicated first so we should investigate the first where the national flag of the Netherlands was first presented in 1937 though the flag of Luxembourg was built up in 1830 while the shade of the flag is red and blue.There is only the difference between both flag.

Australia – New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand have a similar flag however they have one slightly differences and that is the seven-pointed star of the banner where the one has is white in shading and on  the other hand is in red shading.

Ireland – Ivory Coast

The tricolor of both the natinal flag is in vertical shape though Ireland have green shading first while Ivory coast has an orange shading.

Nigaragua – Honduras – Argentina

They make them thing in same manner and that is the colour of their flag though their national flag center image means diverse ideologies.

America – Malaysia

Both of the flags look so comparative aside from one difference where America has 50 stars and Malaysia’s flag indicates to Islamic religion which is the official religion of the nation.

Italy – Mexico

They both have same colour triband with the exception of the national flag of Mexico has the national emblems printed in the middle.


All the 5 flags indicates of the Arab countries have unity that is the reason their colours appears to be same though Egypt, Iraq, and Syria have different type of design in the middle showing that the important  things composed on their flag in the centre.


Qatar and Bahrain have distinctive colours of red where Qatar’s flag indicates its freedom from the British with the colour change however the main contrast is that Bahrain’s flag has just 5 points.

Monaco – Indonesia

They both have similar positions and same shading aside from the part where their shade of colour red is minimal distinctive that we can see them separated.

India – Niger

Both nation have a similar colour aside from the flag of niger have distinctive shades of orange and furthermore in the middle India’s tricolor has 24 stripes in the center while niger’s flag was received in 1959 and Indian flag on 1947.