10 Crazy Bollywood Logics that are Completely Rubbish in Real Life

10 Crazy Bollywood Logics   that are Completely Rubbish in Real Life

No matter the level of entertainment and humor Bollywood has blessed us with, we can’t deny that the Hindi film industry is party to some of the shittiest sense of logic. Be it making love triangles the norm of romance, ’employing’ cars to rake in the moolah through wreck and destruction, over dramatising the simplest of incidents, films are more surreal than reel. Yet even in the face of rampant stupidity, there have been times when Bollywood has explicitly thrown all logic out of gear. 

Here is a list of top 10 such bizarre things, which if we did in real life, could lead you in trouble.

1- Stalking

It’s truly shocking that this needs to be spelled out, but movies don’t leave us much choice. Recent movies like Toilet: Ek Prem Katha,Badrinath Ki Dulhania , 90’s classics like Rehna Hai Terre Dil Mein , and countless others present love stories where stalking, kidnapping, etc. are considered as part of wooing. And that promotes a dangerous ideology indeed.

So, please, don’t be inspired by movies where the guy pursues the girl despite her saying ‘no’. In real life, if you continuously follow someone or keep a tab on their activities, under the ‘Right to Privacy Act’ this is one of those Bollywood things that would land you in jail.

2- Grabbing a girl without her consent

Kissing, touching, or grabbing a girl without her consent comes under sexual harassment. While many Bollywood movies show this off as something that impresses the girl, doing so in real life is one of those things which will land you in jail. Not just kissing or grabbing the girl, even dangling a bra in front of her falls under sexual harassment, so don’t do what Raj did in DDLJ.

3- Physical or verbal abuse

Many Bollywood movies portray abuse in a such a manner where the actor successfully woos the opposite sex by physically or verbally abusing them. In the aftermath, she even reaches out to help him out of such behaviour. In real life, no sane person would do so just for ‘love’. Not to mention, if that person informs the authorities about such abuse, it could very well land you in jail.

4- Public dancing

Don’t ever try dancing in public. The actor and actress start dancing. And anyone around them, miraculously, knows each step perfectly.  But that’s not the case in real life. It can lend you in some serious trouble.

5- Taking law in one’s hand

Don’t ever get fooled by Bollywood revenge. In movies they show the hero taking revenge from people who did wrong to him without even thinking about the law. But don’t ever take law in your hands and don’t even think that thae law will spare you for all your bad doings just beacause you were taking revenge.

6- Killing someone and thinking that law will forgive you

Killing someone because they started it first is just another level shit. Nowadays all revenge drama ends like this but real life doesn’t work this way. If you did kill someone, you can end up in prison for a lifetime.

7- Thinking that a girl will reject an educated NRI for some jobless man

The most illogical thing shown in the movies is a girl rejecting a well settled and educated man for someone who is jobless and non educated. How many girls will do this type of bullshit in real life?

8- Running on airport to confess your love

What if you just realized you love someone but they are going to another country or town?? Well in our Bollywood movies the hero will rush to the airport and break every single rule there just to confess his love. But there is no such case in real life. If you do recreate such scene you will end up in prison.

9- Removing spectacles will change you

We see when our chasmish herione removes her spectacles she becomes the all new person. But do you think such thing happens in real life. Infact removing specs can leave you half blind. I admit that removing specs can change your look but it cannot change your personality. If you are shy and reserved you cannot become bold just by removing specs.

10- Drinking and road shouting

Drinking is quite often shown off as a ‘cool’ thing in Bollywood movies and if even the actor has a drinking problem it is shown to be acceptable. In real life if a person misbehaves under influence of intoxication, it is one of the top things that can land you in jail.

Next time you are inspired by a movie and want to do something your favorite actor did on-screen, remember that it might be one of the things that is illegal and can be your ticket to jail.


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