10 Embarrassing Lists India Tops Which You Won’t Feel Proud Of

10 Embarrassing Lists India Tops Which You Won’t Feel Proud Of

India is a rising superpower and we are on the route to  become the second biggest economy on the planet surpassing US constantly till 2050.

India today impacts world practices and each nation  needs to keep great terms with the nation in light of its monstrous potential. India makes its quality known in  every one of the rundowns that turn out now and again, be it a rundown of very rich people, nations which made it to  Mars, persuasive  identities and so forth and we as Indians ought to and do take pride in them. In any case, there is another piece of  India that we appear to constantly overlook amidst every one of the accomplishments. India, still in numerous circles, is a long ways behind numerous different nations and until the point when we deal with those shortcomings, our improvement to some degree goes futile.

In spite of the fact that this is a non-debilitating rundown, here we have put before you 10 humiliating records in which India tops.

This in no way, shape or form is to scrutinize the nation, yet a summary of where we have a lot to do at present.

1. Most noteworthy death due to ozone pollution

As indicated by the report of the State of Global Air released in February 2017, India represents the most noteworthy number of pre-mature death due to Ozone contamination and in the year 2015, around 2.54 lakh individuals kicked the bucket because of ozone presentation. The report pointed that the quantity of death in India is 13 times higher than that of Bangladesh and 21 times higher than India’s main adversary Pakistan.

2. Most selfie death

Despite the fact that selfies have surprised the whole world, it shows up India is paying the most elevated expense for this 21st century rage in an offer to get more likes on the long range informal communication stages. An investigation distributed by US-based Carnegie Mellon University and India’s Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi, amid November 2016 expressed that since March 2014, of the 127 affirmed death recognized due to selfies, 76 people had a place with India. Pakistan is in the second position with 9 death.

3. Most astounding number of Internet shutdowns

As per a report by US think-tank Brookings Institution, there were an aggregate 22 Internet shutdowns amid the year 2015-16, costing India in excess of 6,000 crores. The quantity of shutdowns to handle crisis circumstances was the same number of as the war-torn nation Iraq. India and Iraq were trailed by Syria (territories not controlled by ISIS), Pakistan, Turkey and Brazil.

4. Most astounding number of poor populace

As indicated by World Bank, 30% of India’s population lives under the poverty  line and acquires not as much as Rs. 125 every day. With 224 million individuals living under the neediness line, it is 2.5 occasions more than the second position hold by Nigeria that has 84 million individuals living under the poverty line of USD 1.90 per day.

5. Most elevated number of street mishaps

Point the finger at it one the terrible streets or the heedless driving by the Indians, yet India has the most astounding number of street mischances on the planet. The reality was likewise recognized by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on a few events. As indicated by this report by BBC, 400 people on in India consistently in street mishaps. In the year 2015, 146,133 people kicked the bucket in street mishaps in India while in the year 2014, the figure was 139,671.

6. Most elevated pay off rate in the Asia Pacific

As per an overview led by Transparency International, 69% of the members in India in the review acknowledged to have paid ‘tea cash’ to benefit open administrations in the previous year in any event once. Directed in the 16 nations of the Asia Pacific district, India is trailed by Vietnam with the pay off rate of 65%. The least rate was recorded among Japanese with just 0.2% who acknowledged that they needed to pay fixes.

7. Most astounding number of present day slaves

India is home to 18.35 million individuals who are constrained into present day types of subjection, which incorporate constrained work, prostitution, begging and so forth of the aggregate 45.8 million individuals around the world. As per Global Slavery Index released in the year 2016 by Walk Free Foundation, India has six times a greater number of people living in caught bondage than China, which remains at second with 3.39 million people. Pakistan comes third with 2.13 million and Bangladesh fourth with 1.53 million individuals living as slaves.

8. Most astounding number of hungry people

In spite of the fact that India has made much enhancements in cutting down the quantity of hungry population from 210.1 million amid the year 1990-92 to 194.6 million continuously 2014-16, despite everything it is the nation with the most astounding number of individuals dozing hungry. China meanwhile has demonstrated exceptional advancement and has possessed the capacity to bring its eager population down from 289 million amid the year 1990-92 to 133.8 million before the finish of 2014-15. All inclusive, the eager populace has decreased from 1 billion amid 1990-92 to 795 million out of 2014-15.

9. Biggest disconnected population

As indicated by World Development report of 2016, India has the biggest disconnected population on the planet with 1,063 million population who does not approach Internet. China comes next with 755 million people. Amusingly, India is the second biggest exporter of data and correspondence innovation products on the planet. With government’s advanced India activity, it is intriguing to perceive how much advancement we make in the coming years.

10. Slowest Internet in the Asia Pacific

The year 2016 acquired some speed India and we saw the nation making a jump from the 114th to the 105th in Internet speed positioning on the planet, enhancing the normal speed from 3.5 mbps to 4.1 mbps. Yet at the same time, India positions the rearward in the Asia-Pacific as far as Internet speed. The rundown is finished by South Korea with a speed of 26.3 mbps.


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