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10 Famous Celebrities Who Once Used To Be An Air Hostess Or A Flight Attendant

Most of the girls and boys thought that air hostess and cabin crew job is full of glamour. This thought is some extent is right because height beauty and complexion is considered on high level. And the training cultivate the trait in their personality to be polite so that they can treat the passengers with manners and provide service in a pretty way so that they represent the brand across the world.
There are some celebrities who had been air hostess ..

Akanksha Puri

A model Akanksha Puri who started her career with air hostess in Vijay Mallya’s kingfisher. After that she started modelling and become a successful model she was in a lead role of calendar girl. Her acting was appreciated. Then she started a serial as a Parvati in Vighnartha Ganesh. Her character was stunning and audience like her acting in the serial.

Vijayendra kumeria

Vijayendra started his career as a flight attendant with the jet airways. He met his wife preeti Bhatia during his job when he was flight attendant Qatar he lived in Qatar for few years. After coming back he moved to Mumbai in 2006 and started his career in acting he did acting in Udaan and Naagin . He become popular by his acting in Naagin 4 .

Hina Khan

None other than hina khan who is most highly paid actor in TV industry. She started her career as a air hostess but she has to leave the training due to malaria after that she moved into the acting career and got love from the character as Akshara yeh rishta kya keh lata h. She was the participant in Bigg Boss and khatro k khiladi.

Dheeraj Dhopar

Dheeraj Dhopar known as a Karan Luthra from the serial kundli Bhagya. He started his career as a flight attendant with jet airways.Dheeraj lived in Delhi and he did continue his job for a long time .. He moved to Mumbai during his job and he thought to try in acting career he got success from his debut swarg and become a well known face.

Nandini Singh

She has appeared in the movie with Govinda in ek aur ek eleven and in serial Kesar and kavyaanjli but now she left acting world . When she started her career she was a air hostess but her dream was to become an actor so she left the job of air hostess and try her luck into acting.

Sudeep Sahir

Sudeep Sahir is one of the actor who started his career as a cabin crew he did his job with Airlines as he saw a dream to settle in London with the job but destiny wants something different so he moved to Mumbai and here he started his career into acting and he did many serials last 15 years in which pyaar and Ayushmann is one of the popular serial.

Gunjan Walia

Gunjan hails from pagwara which is situated in Punjab she started her career as an air hostess she moved to Mumbai for continue her job she wants to try her luck into acting and ekta Kapoor gave her break when she was 18 years old. She did acting in Naagin.

Aamir Ali

Aamir Ali started his career with a cabin crew and he continue his job for 5 years. He was launched by Hansal Mehta’s movie yeh kya hua hai. But movie was not successful and in Bollywood his career was flop but in TV industry he become well known.

Deepika Kakkar Ibrahim

Deepika Kakkar who is well known face by the serial sasural simar ka and was the winner of live show Bigg Boss . She dreamt to be an actor but before acting she was an air hostess but due to passion in acting she started to give some auditions and got the role in devi and sasural simar ka .. sasural simar ka was one of the popular show of TV.

Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat before acting she started her career as an air hostess but she moved to acting world and give blockbuster movie like murder. She is well known to give the bold scene.

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