10 Famous Celebs Who actually Married Their own Fans

10 Famous Celebs Who actually Married Their own Fans

When we think of our favorite celebs we always dream of spending a date with them ,but today ,let’s make you see the celebs who married their die hard fans ..and as they say .. A Dream Come True…

1. Tom Cruise

10 Famous Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

Well.. what say about Tom Cruise ,he has a global fan following. The power of his character is so real one heart winning. When he found out that Katie Holmes was a huge fan, he acted swiftly to scoop her up. While Katie was engaged to actor Chris Klein in 2004 the young actress told reporters I think every little girl dreams about her wedding I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise. As a young teen in the private Catholic school, her classmates would overhear her sing prayers for Tom Cruise at least four times a day. She would also keep secret photos of Tom Cruise in her text book. Her childhood fantasy was bittersweet, Holmes filed for divorce from Cruz in 2012.

2. Christian Bale

10 Famous Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

Christian Bale and former hairdresser Sibi Blazic have been married for 16 long years which seems like a lifetime on the Hollywood scene. At the time Sibi Blazic was working as an assistant to actress Winona Ryder who was a friend of bales. In 2000 the two elope to Las Vegas when he was 26 years old and she was 30. Since then a couple has had two children the family resides somewhere in the hills of Los Angeles. Bale has always been extremely private when it comes to his family and seldomly makes public appearances with his kids.

3. Matt Damon

10 Famous Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

Matt Damon has had dates with celebrities Minnie Driver and Winona Ryder, yet neither of them could snag him from bachelorhood. But ever since Matt laid eyes upon the Argentine bartender named Luciana Barroso, he’s been off the market. While filming the lackluster comedy ‘Stuck on You’ back in 2003, he was dragged into a bar by his friends to celebrate after a long day of shooting. Matt ordered a drink and she served him a double shot of love potion number nine. The two seem to hit it off and actually got married two years later in a private ceremony in Manhattan. They now have four children one of which was from her previous marriage.

4. Tobey Maguire

10 Famous Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

The original Spider-Man Tobey fell in love with the jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer. He met Jennifer on the set of the film Seabiscuit which was produced at Universal Studios in 2003. And only three years later they were happily married, however they sadly split in 2016.

5. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, one of the most successful and famous actresses on the planet fell in love with a cameraman. She ended up marrying cinematographer Daniel Moder  whom she met on the set of ‘The Mexican’ back in 2000. But Daniel Moder was already married at the time so they both waited for a while and when Moder got divorced. A year later they tied the knot.

6. Kevin Jonas

10 Famous Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

At the height of their popularity millions of young impressionable girls would have jumped at the chance to meet the Jonas Brothers. But there was one girl from New Jersey that didn’t even know who the Jonas Brothers were. That girl Danielle Deleasa ended up marrying one. While on vacation in the Bahamas Kevin Jonas caught a glimpse of his soon-to-be bride strolling alone on the beach, the flower in her hair the two have been inseparable ever since. they were Wed in December of 2000. They now have two daughters Alina and Valentina.

7. Nicolas Cage

There’s no doubt that Nicolas Cage makes questionable decisions on the movie he decides to star in, but when it comes to women he has way better taste. He was once wed to American actress Patricia Arquette and also to Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie. His third wife was a little more unconventional for him. Alice Kim was a former waitress working at the Los Angeles-based restaurant ‘kabuki’. Kim apparently loved cages work they exchanged numbers about a year later they were married and they had a son shortly after.

8. Jessica Alba

It’s kind of ironic that Hollywood superstar Jessica Alba would play The Invisible Woman in the blockbuster hit ‘The Fantastic Four’ because when she walks in the room she’s everything, but invisible, all eyes are on her. She especially caught the eye of cash Warren yes his first name is actually cash a production assistant on one of her movies in 2004. The two met and had instant chemistry they were married four years later.

9. Conan O’Brien

The comic star Conan O’Brien met his soon-to-be wife while filming a sketch for his late-night talk show back in 2000. He describes it as love at first sight and even says that there’s a tape floating around the NBC vaults showing him falling in love with her on camera. At the time Liza Powell was a licensed copywriter for an advertising company, he said that she caught his eye because she was incredibly beautiful, but also added more importantly she is very intelligent and funny and a really good person. O’Brien and Powell were married in 2002 and have two children together.

10. Anne Hathaway

With movies like The Princess Diaries The Devil Wears Prada and the Dark Knight Rises and Hathaway has had the world at her feet. Most men would do just about anything to get a chance to date the 34 year old actress. Adam Schulman was the lucky son of a gun that stole her heart. Shulman a jewelry designer isn’t the most exciting of fellas, as a matter of fact and loves they’re very boring marriage. Her relationship with Shulman is calmer and more laid-back than the one she’s had before. She describes her current relationship to Shulman as mellow. She also stated that it doesn’t always make for a good story but it makes for a good life.


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