10 Famous Cricketers And Their WEIRD Hairstyles!

10 Famous Cricketers And Their WEIRD Hairstyles!

With regards to follow fashion , cricketers not leave the stone to compete bollywood . Anyway the refined man’s diversion has tossed numerous fashionable characters who have caught the creative ability of fans adorable their haircuts and the manner in  which they enhance it.In this article we present our perusers the best ten cricketers with most bizarre hairdos.

1. Mahendra Singh  Dhoni

Indian captain MS Dhoni has worn many diverse haircuts throughout the years. He has tested a considerable amount with his mane-keeping it long, going bald or brandishing the Mohawk style. His Mohawk look while playing for Chennai in IPL is  unquestionably his boldest look  ever.

2. Andre Russell

The West Indian all-rounder Andre Russell conveyed this irregular hair style just before the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

3. Ravindra Jadeja

Jadeja is very upscale. At the beginning of his cricket carreer he picked this unusual hairdo amid IPL coordinate.

4. Chris Gayle

Another West Indian with astounding haircut. Gayle is a sort of cricketer who can warm up the cricket furor with his insane sixes and move. A few haircuts influenced him to stop peculiar than normal! like this one!

5. Tersely Ambr

The previous West Indies cricketer Curtly Ambrose can be said to be the principal cricketer with a strange hairdo. The 52-year-old cricketer has a medium length strand of meshed hair from the middle with dots stuck on them and no hair on the sides.

6. Lasith Malinga

Like his knocking down some pins, Lasith Malinga’s wavy blonde hair has likewise been highly discussed. His wavy blonde hair has dependably been in news! Amid 2007 Cricket World Cup, a Srilankan hairdresser took two days to make this style.

7. Andrew Symonds

Previous Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds donned the dreadlocks haircut for quite a while. Those blonde locks moving on his head as he played was likely a terrifying sight for the batsman confronting him.

8. Sunil Narine

The riddle spinner of West Indies, with his sharp varieties, has been foxing the batsmen for a long while now. Be that as it may, leaving his abilities aside, his bizarre hairdo is similarly strange and is one of its kind. Investigate his weired hairdo.

9. Colin Miller

A previous Australian cricketer Colin Miller is known for his brilliant haircut. His moniker is “Out of control”! He donned in abnormal blue, pink, yellow, green, red hair which left the world stunned. Tragically he maybe has a greater number of haircuts than the quantity of wickets he picked.

10. Wayne Parnel

South African cricketer Wayne Parnel additionally picked such a bizarre haircut.


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