10 Gorgeous Women Who Broke The Myth Of Ageing 20 years Ago

10 Gorgeous Women Who Broke The Myth Of Ageing 20 years Ago

As we all know that workout and eating proper meals are the mantras for maintaining and relishing awesome lifestyle. But these women have shown that are not just statements. Here is the list of such beauties.

Dominique Sachse, 51 years old

The popular blogger and a newscaster has ravishing looks. from owning a show or getting 2 Emmy Awards. The phenomenal women established her own revolution of health fitness.

Lure Hsu, 43 years old

Taiwan designer is a real beauty. She melted many hearts with her looks in social media. She believes in using sunscreen to prevent it more wrinkles, and mostly prefer veggies rather than meat.

Marina De’Boshir, 54 years old

She believes in keeping her skin flawless with by doing facial exercise.

Liu Yelin, 50 years old

The mother of one doesn’t seems like a mom because people think she is his son’s girlfriend. The lady believes in living a healthy lifestyle.

Elizabeth Hurley, 53 years old

She is one of the well known personality who is breaking all norms with her age. The mother of a teenage boy, believes in keeping herself healthy by only eating balanced meal.

Carelia Morán, 48 years old

The well-known blogger is somehow creating magic in her own terms. With such enthusiastic charisma, she is breaking the myth of aging.

Angelique Miles, 52 years old

She believes in keeping her body maintain with a different exercise. She quit eating sugary and dairy products long time ago and chose exercise as her motivation.

Liz Webster, 51 years old

She is the bodybuilder silver medalist of 2014 and the mother of three. With everyday workouts, the women is creating wonders with her flexible body.

Regina Hall, 48 years old

She wanted to become a journalist but landed herself in film industry. The women is somehow managing her body plus skin by regular working out and balancing with proper meal.

Folake Huntoon, 42 years old

She is a mother of 3 and a designer by profession and popular stylist.

These women are setting standards that natural beauty comes by taking proper care and as we all know age is just a number for all of them.


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