10 Hilarious but True Differences Between Men and Women

10 Hilarious but True Differences Between Men and Women

Apart from psychological and biological differences between men and women, there are countless ways in which both gender differ.

Men and women have different points of view on many life aspects and it may seem as though they are from two separate worlds. This might be the reason for the saying “men are from Mars and women are from Venus“.

Probably you are a woman and get confused when you see men do things differently. The fact is that men are different from women ranging from the way they view problems, sex, and food.

Have a look at these funny images and I am sure you will get the sense of what I am saying. And yes, we’ve got our peculiarities, but remember, the main thing is that even though we’re different, we just can’t live without one another.

Getting ready for work

Men take the shortest time getting ready for work in the morning. Ten minutes is enough for a man to be ready. Women, on the other hand, need quite a number of hours to get ready.


Women have a different outfit for every occasion while men keep it simple by having a single outfit for every occasion.

What do they do when expecting someone to come

When a girl’s crush texts her saying he would be coming in to meet her, they get all worked up while the boys would casually take that and rather be excited about what would happen later.


During the initial days of a breakup, men are not affected as women are. However, men will feel the loss deeply as time passes while women are getting over it. Women will have moved on and come out of the breakup feeling stronger emotionally after a month while men will be feeling more depressed.

Checking out each other

Women keeps it pretty secretive while checking out her crush, on the other hand men let the whole world know about it.


In order to impress a girl you have to put in a lot of efforts but that’s not the case with the boys.

Ways to turn on!

It’s like stating the obvious, men don’t need a second invitation to get turned on while girls need a lot of stuff to be done for them to get turned on.

Going to a hairdresser

There is very little to no difference between before and after a woman went to the salon although she pays ten times more than what a man will pay. There is a notable difference in the looks of a man after going to the hairdresser.

Picking a shampoo

When shopping for a shampoo, women will not buy anything they are not aware of. Apart from its design, they will buy something a friend has advised about. The other things that matter to her are its effect on her hair, quality among others. It has to be exactly what they want.
For men, it doesn’t matter as long as it is a shampoo. Any will do.

Social networks

While a man will have none or only one notification (if any) after being offline for the week, a woman’s inbox will be full of messages and close to a hundred friend requests within the same number of days. A woman’s profile will always have notifications.


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