10 hot photos of Aartii Naagpal, actress from Savdhaan India

10 hot photos of Aartii Naagpal, actress from Savdhaan India

Aartii Naagpal is an Indian entertainer. She has worked in a couple of TV shows and movies. Aartii is a multi-capable lady who can compose and immediate too. The on-screen character is a shotokan dark belt and wants to paint as well. She has likewise gotten Global Achievers Award for her short film I Fought, I endure.

Aartii is the sister of Bollywood and TV on-screen character, Deepshikha Nagpal. Aartii has done displaying too and graced the front of Savvy Magazine. She has her own channel where she shares her recordings and some verse too. Aartii has 79K supporters on her Instagram account and is pretty socially dynamic.

Aartii Naagpal displays her abs

Aartii Naagpal glances sizzling in this rich saree.

Aartii Nagpal glances staggering in a transparent dark saree.

Aartii Naagpal in a short blue dress looking staggering.

Aartii Naagpal in a white dress with plungin neck area.

Aartii Naagpal in Indian clothing.

Aartii Naagpal parades her bends in a dress.

Aartii Naagpal in short red dress.

Aartii Naagpal in yellow dress parading her legs.

Aartii Naagpal in pants.

Aartii Naagpal in a short printed dress.


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