10 Interesting Facts About PUBG That Every Gamer Must Know

10 Interesting Facts About PUBG That Every Gamer Must Know

Nowadays PUBG is the most addictive game among teens. Millions of people play this game on a regular basis and almost everyone has played it at least once. Let’s know some fun and interesting facts about PUBG.

1. Do you know how many people play PUBG worldwide?

According to the reports, 87 million people play it on a daily basis and 227 million players on monthly basis.

2. Till now how many copies of this game are sold?

Worldwide more than 50 million games are sold, according to data analysis.

3. What is the percentage of PUBG mobile players in India?

From India there are 8% PUBG players, 11% from USA and 33% from China.

4. What is the estimated amount of money that PUBG earns from players?

PUBG earns an estimated amount of $689,000 which equals to Rs 4,84,91,820 per day from players spending. Isn’t it shocking?

5. How many people play PUBG on mobile on daily basis?

There are more than 200 Million registered players on PUBG and almost 30 million players play PUBG on a daily basis.

6. PUBG has set a record

Around 1.3 million players play PUBG simultaneously online and it has set the world record for most number of simultaneous players.

7. The real meaning behind “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ came from alley craps back in the Depression. The people used to play craps in alleys and didn’t always use money, but if they used money and won the game, it meant they they could afford chicken for dinner that night.

8. PUBG Corp gave away millions to charity

In 2018 PUBG Corporation gave $2 million to some charity events that included PUBG extra life marathon, gamers outreach and many more.

9. Addiction Level

PUBG’s craze is growing repeatedly and people are getting addicted to it in a bad way. Recently, a 15-year old Bengaluru boy is being treated for PUBG obsession.

10. How much money has PUBG made till now?

If recent reports are to be believed then PUBG has successfully earned $390 million.