10 Interesting Facts That Most People Don’t Know

10 Interesting Facts That Most People Don’t Know

Let’s have a look at some interesting facts you didn’t know.

Just raise your arm above your head for a few seconds to instantly stop that nose bleeding.

Do you know which country is the world’s second largest English speaking country? Well it’s our India.

In Switzerland, Science Day is dedicated to our ex-president, Mr A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

British women usually spend 160000 dollars on makeup in their lifetime.

Women spend upto a year of their lives to decide what to wear, says a survey.

To drain all the blood from your body it would take more than a million mosquito bites.

You yawn 25000 times on average in your life.

Tea bags were created by accident, originally they were sent as samples.

To check the reality of any product read the reviews of people giving 3 stars, if you are buying something online.

Queen ants have a life span up to 30 years.


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