10 Interesting Reasons Why Men Would’t Ever Imagine To Hate Famous ‘Mia Khalifa’

10 Interesting Reasons Why Men Would’t Ever Imagine To Hate Famous ‘Mia Khalifa’

Mia Khalifa is an internet sensation and enjoys a huge fan following. There would be hardly any guy who doesn’t know her. Born on 10 February 1993, in Lebanon, she moved to the US at the age of seven. She graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

She became famous for her award-winning work in the adult film industry and became P^rnHub’s highest ranked adult-entertainer. Despite wearing a hijab in some of her films, she was raised as a Catholic, but no longer practices the faith. 

Today, we are here to highlight the reasons as to why everyone loves her so much.

1- Passionate about food

Mia was confused about her career after completing graduation. But as she was always passionate about food, she joined a burger joint ‘Whataburger’ in Miami, Florida and worked there for a couple of years. Not only that, she is a great cook too and loves to try new dishes. Mia has tried her hands at cooking and we must say, her skills are awesome! She has a lot of pictures on her Instagram either cooking or eating.

2- An avid reader

Mia Khalifa loves stories. She is always flipping through pages of new books whenever she gets time between her busy schedules.

3- A cool geek

As she is funny and can use sarcasm, her tweets will only awe you with their twists. She’s too good with trolling. If you have time, you must visit Mia’s Twitter account; it’s filled with humorous tweets and funny videos trolling fans on offensive comments.

4- She’s simple

She’s sweet and simple. Whenever you see her pics, you will hardly find that excessive makeup. Mia loves to be original and loves herself the way she is. Basically, she’s obsessed with herself and doesn’t wish to change with makeup and cosmetics.

5- A confidence booster

Mia is a confidence booster. She has helped many shy guys get over their fear and low confidence issues. Moreover, Mia has educated them in every way she could.

6- She’s very down to earth

You’ll see how down to earth and witty she is if you follow her online or watch her interviews. When she is not working, she gets busy and spends most of the time doing what she loves the most.

7- Her twerking skill is on point

Everyone became a fan of her twerking, when she twerked to the song dedicated as a tribute to her, released by Timeflies. She can twerk on any song with full energy. 

8- Sports lover

Apart from cooking, she’s been a sports columnist for Fansided and is an ardent fan of D.C teams. She’s a huge fan of football, hockey and lacrosse.

9- Loves Rock n Roll music

She happens to be a huge fan of Pearl Jam. Generally women doesn’t like such kind of music and Eddie’s unusual voice. But Mia impressed a lot of man when she announced that she is attending a Pearl Jam concert.

10- Knows self defense

She’s excellent at self defense too. Once she punched a fan of hers in his face when he forcefully tried to take a selfie with her. Guys, don’t ever mess with this beauty, as she can prove to be dangerous at times.

So now you know there’s more than meets the eye.


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