10 Irrational Ideas From West That Has Influenced India and has been Adopted by Indians

10 Irrational Ideas From West That Has Influenced India and has been Adopted by Indians

All countries are versatile in their culture and trends . From religions to rules and regulations , everything just differs . But many a times , it is seen that countries accept the ideas of another country as they think of it a better one may be…

Today , we have brought to you some of the illogical ideas that India has taken from West .

Let’s have a look:

Putting On A Robe And A Funny Looking Cap During Graduation Ceremonies

Well!! we can say that degree doesn’t need any coat or that cap . Nonetheless , it is used by the Universities of India copying the Western culture.

Wearing Suits

Image result for suit length

The temperature difference between the west and India is a lot , so wearing suits for maximum time is not possible all the time . In India, a country having muggy and humid weather conditions for most part of the year. 

Low Waist Jeans

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This is the most pathetic idea which is carried on from the West . It can make sense if someone is wearing much more expensive inner-wears than the outfit (wink)

Glass Buildings

This idea is good for show-off in India but not for regulating the electricity bill because countries in the West are cold enough to have those glass buildings ,so that the glasses by trapping the heat can keep the buildings warm. What’s the point in using them in a hot country like India?

 Using The Word ‘Buck’ For Rupees

India has its own currency and it’s called ‘Rupee’. I guess.. some of the citizens think that Western country uses much more trendy term ..

Using Fork And Spoon Even If It Doesn’t Call For

Indian cuisine is the vast to talk about .. From Veg to Non-veg , nothing requires the thing like Folk and spoon like that of West as is not that necessary .Indian culture includes eating with hands .

Cake On Face

Image result for cake on face

It’s mere a wastage of the food . India is a country where people are hungry due to poverty . On the other hand , some just apply this fake enjoyment.

Attestation By Gazetted Officers


The reality is ,the Britishers didn’t quite trust the Indians and so they put this thing into practice. It’s been more than 70 years since they left but we are still practicing it widely. An ideal example of colonial hangover.

Valentine’s Day

This is only the culture of the foreigners because of their God Valentine . But it sounds weird that Indians too accept that as a festival . It’s not at all necessary for Indians to work on that culture .

Having Sunday As A Holiday

Why Sunday of all other days in the week? The western world has it primarily because of its religious significance. Sunday is a Sabbath for them – a day of rest and worship.


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