10 Lesser Known Facts About Kapil Sharma That Show A Different Side Of Him

10 Lesser Known Facts About Kapil Sharma That Show A Different Side Of Him

Our weekends were never so amusing before the arrival of Kapil Sharma in the world of entertainment. ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ is hosted by him and this show has become popular throughout the entire country. But this man, who is giving us so many laughing evenings, is really happy in his personal life? Has crying been ever a part of his life?

This post is about those facts of Kapil Sharma’s personal life which are unknown to his fans and followers.

He Believes His Mother is the Source of Encouragement

It is believed by Kapil that his mother is the person who is responsible for his success. All his credits go to his mother. His sense of humor comes from his mother.

His Struggle is like an Investment to Him
There are numerous odd jobs done by Kapil for survival before earning this popularity. Crates of Pepsi are picked by him. Even, he worked in a cloth mill and P.C.O. All these experiences are taken by him as a stepping stone.

Rejected For The Comedy Show

Kapil’s first TV show was The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, a show which gave many comedians a platform to launch themselves. But Kapil was initially rejected in the audition round. Nonetheless, he never gave up and made a comeback by winning the show eventually.

Family is Everything for Kapil
After winning the show and the grand prize money award of Rs 10,00,000 Kapil spent all his money on his beloved sister’s wedding to have a lavish affair. Wow that’s indeed a sweet gesture.

From a Family of Cops, He Comes

Kapil’s family has a police background. Talking about his father Shri Jeetendra Kumar, he was a head constable in Punjab Police and on the other hand, his brother Ashok Sharma too is in police.

Lost Father At Young Age
Kapil lost his father at a very young age due to cancer.

His initial struggle!

Kapil did theater while in college. He struggled a lot in that period! May be that struggle has made him so successful now..

Emotional Kapil
In the popular show of Anupam Kher, it is confessed by him that he is not only a very sensitive but also an emotional person from inside.

He is Fond of Music

Music is the first love of Kapil. Any situation is handled by him easily with the help of music. Kapil has always said on numerous occasions that music is his first love and he always wanted to be a singer. The comedian also tried his hand at singing as he participated in few singing shows as well.

His First Show As Host

The first show as a host in his career was ‘Chhote Miyan’.


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