10+ Most Handsome Looking Doctors You Wouldn’t Mind Getting Examined From!

10+ Most Handsome Looking Doctors You Wouldn’t Mind Getting Examined From!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but here we want to keep the apple away while we are thinking of visiting these handsome doctors who are known for being the crush of many females. So here we have listed top handsome men whose profession as a doctor is giving them a tough time because many women just want to examine their sickness only from them.

Dr. Che Hafiz

Dr. Che is an exceptionally hidden individual who doesn’t prefer to blend around much, as he is now a devoted spouse to his significant other, Lufya Omar, a performing artist and a vocalist from the Malaysian film industry. Dr. Che is a part time model too.

Dr. Gabriel Prado

A standout amongst the most attractive specialists hailing from Brazil, having the cutest smile, engaging eyes, and the most amazing build. Ladies can’t deny getting analyzed by him even with no earlier appointment.

Dr. Robert Rey

An exceptionally fine plastic surgeon born in Brazil, Robert is by all accounts extremely sleek and an attractive individual, who is constantly encompassed by women in a gathering. He holds a Bachelor’s qualification in Biochemistry, from Harvard University.

Dr. Manuel Rico

Born in Spain, however settled in Chile, this attractive specialist with amazing tallness, impeccable body, and charming haircut get inspected rather by his patients more than him looking at them.

Dr. Mikhail Varshavsky

He was topped by People Magazine as a standout amongst the most attractive specialists existing on this planet. Mike, as everybody realizes him as has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

Dr. Winston Lee

This attractive man is the therapeutic chief of South Bridge Esthetics Clinic, Singapore, where patients arranged to get analyzed, have no issue hanging tight for quite a long time.

Dr. P.P.

His real name is Phithakphong Petanque Klahan yet referred to famously as Dr. P.P. is situated in Thailand and is a aesthetic specialist. He adores taking selfies of his body and transferring on Instagram for his supporters and nobody gripes.

Dr. Lacroix

A wellness crack and a dermatology occupant in Montreal, nobody would mind to get inspected by him and do precisely what he says.

Dr. James

He is one of those attractive specialists, who can be confused with a Greek God since most extreme pictures in his Instagram account makes them show his momentous physique, topless.

Dr. Chai Meaw Han

This one is a reward for the individuals who wish to get their teeth analyzed. Truly, he is a dental specialist in Pudu, Kaula Lumpur. What’s more, in the event that you need your teeth to look wonderful and solid, rapidly make an arrangement.

Dr. David Greuner

A cardiovascular and thoracic specialist positioned in New York was named as a standout amongst the “most excellent” specialists by The Doctors, a network show.

Dr. Sheik Muszaphar Shukor

An Orthopedic specialist from Malaysia, this attractive specialist brags of the title of “Malaysia’s First Astronaut” and another amazing component here is that he is likewise part time model by profession.

Dr. State Shazril

Consistently, this fitness freak specialist from Terengganu Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, tones his body doing monstrous exercises and models for some prestigious design magazines.

Dr. Daniel Tan

He is a Gonstead chiropractor at Aligned and come what may posts recordings on his Facebook account depicting a scope of diseases. What’s more, he is likewise the Winner of the Malaysian Hottest Hunk title continuously in 2012/2013.


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