10 People Who Are In 3100, While We Are Yet Living In 2019

10 People Who Are In 3100, While We Are Yet Living In 2019

Some really incredible technologies are entering our lives right now. Did you know Dublin and Singaporealready have buses with USB ports, where any passenger can charge their device on the go? At the same time, inventive (and lazy) people make this world better by proving we can create the comforts of the future almost from scratch. So unexpected and different, the year 3100 is closer than we think — with the help of both science and creativity.

We have collected a bunch of unexpected photos that prove that the future is right around the corner.

Now you can take a morning ride even if your office is in your home.
This is an amazing way to work as well as stay fit. Just keep pedalling while you do your work.

Who said you can’t sleep comfortably on a bus?
This kid is surely from the future. He is taking his nap in the most efficient way available to him and has nothing to do with what others are doing.

When you’re a parent, you gotta be creative.
Use this trick to prevent your child from sunburn while playing in the sand.

 I wish I was as creative as this guy.
This is such a great way to feel the sea breeze without getting any sunburn.

Meet some school hacks from 3018.
An outstanding way to cheat in the examination. But I think its more useful for girls only.

The key to future technologies is simplicity.
Next time while traveling in a car you can place your taco here.

They should have patented this.
When you don’t have place to put your phone while charging, then you can definitely try this hack.

The next level of water for your dog.
Now you can feed your dog with this scoop bottle.

Breaking news! Some travelers already live in the year 3100.
If you have so many bags while traveling make sure to use this innovative trick.

Breakfast will also become much more pleasant.
An amazing way to get rid of the crums that you don’t want to consume.

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