10 People Who have defied Ageing

10 People Who have defied Ageing

They say age is just a number, but some wear their number like a badge of honor. If you’ve ever thought it was “too late” to achieve a goal, you’re in for a nice surprise. Many seniors are defying age and loving it. 

Check out these older adults who are breaking stereotypes and shattering age barriers — and proving you can do it, too.

Whang-od Oggay, 101 years old

Famously known as the last Mambabatok(traditional Kalinga tattooist), Whang-od Oggay ia 101 year old tattoo artist from Philippines.

Tao Porchon-Lynch, 100 years old

She is the oldest yoga teacher. She continues to inspire millions of people with her enthusiasm. “Age can never hope to win while your heart is young.”

Robert Marchand, 106 years old

He is a French centenarian cyclist who doesn’t give up on his dreams despite his age. He is the oldest cyclist in the world.

Tatyana Nekludova, 61 years old

She is a model in Russian Lingerie Campaign and has also satrred in photoshoot for Petrushka lingerie brand.

Majorie Gilbert, 102 years old

In the latest edition of Vogue, she has become the face of the new Harvey Nichols campaign and is famously known as the glamorous granny.

Eveline Hall, 72 years old

She is inspiring many women not to give up due to the age factor.

Chuando Tan, 51 years old

The secret behind him looking in his 20’s is his healthy diet and fitness routine.

Veruschka von Lehndorff, 79 years old

Popular in 1960’s, Veruschka von Lehndorff is a German model, actress and artist.

Wang Deshun, 82 years old

He was quickly dubbed China’s hottest grandpa.

Anthony Varrecchia, 55 years old

He is a model and fitness trainer and can beat any young model with his looks.