10 Pictures of Srk’s Daughter ‘Suhana Khan’ which Went Viral for Controversies

10 Pictures of Srk’s Daughter ‘Suhana Khan’ which Went Viral for Controversies

If her Instagram stories and college skit videos are anything to go by, Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is one celebrity kid to watch out for. From her drop-dead gorgeous looks to emerging as a teen sensation, Suhana Khan is a threat to all the celebrity kids out there. And Suhana’s short film, which is available on YouTube, has proved that she can definitely emerge as a game-changer if and when she joins Bollywood.

Though the diva enjoys a humongous fan following, certain sections never fail to try and pull her down. The young girl has been subjected to unnecessary trolling over her pictures.

1- A mirror selfie of Suhana Khan showing her ATM card stuffed in the back of her mobile cover grabbed headlines. Netizens were curious about her bank balance.

2- Suhana Khan received a lot of love from her fans for her fashion sense. However, she drew a lot of flak for exposing too much skin as netizens advised her not to reveal too much.

3- The star kid has a massive fan following on social media and her pictures and videos get tonnes of likes! However, she shared a candid picture of hers wearing a white shirt and shorts and got heavily trolled for it.

4- Suhana Khan was featured on the cover of Vogue and the internet went into a tizzy. While one section went gaga over her looks on the cover and inside the magazine, many asked her to join Bollywood asap. On the other hand, another section of netizens, couldn’t stop talking about how she was a product of nepotism and had not done anything to deserve to be on the cover.

5- You would think what could possibly be wrong in this picture, right? But trolls found Suhana to be showing off in outfit and asked her not to reveal too much.

6- Trolls do not really need a reason to spew negativity and this was proved when Suhana Khan’s mother Gauri Khan shared a picture of Suhana looking absolutely breath-taking. While we could not take our eyes off Suhana, trolls started calling her ‘Female Shah Rukh’ (which we think, is a compliment)! “Shah Rukh with long hair and lipstick”, “looks like Shah Rukh is wearing a wig,” were some of the comments on her picture, which we feel were absolutely insane. After all, who else would she look like if not like her dad Shah Rukh?

7- A fan club had shared a picture of Suhana enjoying some pool time in Italy. While many people were floored by the look and thought she totally slayed it, there were many self-appointed moral policing trolls who reminded her of her Islamic values and asked her not to wear such clothes.

8-  In the picture the first look goes to Suhana’s pretty bright smile. But it seems that people didn’t like her pretty smile instead of praising her smile they trolled her for her clothing style. In the picture, Suhana is wearing a deep neck top and people couldn’t resist that they slammed her left and right for showing too much skin. While one user wrote, “Dear you are Muslim so please must be covering your body”, another penned, “Don’t try to show your body parts always. Be normal too. You will look amazing if u wear decent clothes.” 

9- After trolling Suhana for ‘revealing too much’, trolls targeted the celebrity’s daughter for partying with shirtless boys.

10- Suhana was trolled badly for this picture too. One user wrote- ‘Don’t show off so much, even if you wear normal clothes you will look equally beautiful.’ At the same time, another wrote – ‘You are the daughter of Shahrukh Khan and there is no need for you to turn off such a show, be normal’.


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