10 Pictures That Proves Japan Is One Of The Best Countries In The World incomplete

10 Pictures That Proves Japan Is One Of The Best Countries In The World incomplete

There are various countries in the world who have so many beautiful places were we can visit but the one that caught our eyes was japan’s way of giving their best to the people and not only the people but also the tourist.
Japanese culture is absolutely incomparable to any in our Western world. their deeply rooted politeness, precision, and dedication to work are rarely seen anywhere else. And though you might know Japan as a home to anime, sumo wrestlers, cherry blossoms and bullet trains, their ingenuity shows in many other aspects of their daily lives. the unique system of Tokyo subway and drainage canals swarming with Koi fish. These are just a particle of the interesting facts about Japanese culture. Actually, there are so many that this one post couldn’t fit them all. because of that it is being considered as one of the best countries in the world and it is indeed the one and these images prove it.1. Japanese Way Of Saying Thank YouThere are various ways to show that China is one of the best countries in the world. And the reason behind this will make you realize that it is really that. He is a Japanese team who cleared this locker room after losing the game with Russia and also with a thank you note.2.This Hand Written Mail Order From Amazon

 Ordered This From Japan And It Came With A Little Note And Origami Crane. Well, we never have seen or received handwritten mail order and that too from Amazon and now we are feeling jealous of Japan’s way of working.

3.This Fountain

You have to see many of marvelous fountains in the world but the fountain in Japan different from others .its  have not only water shower but also its show times amaze Na.


4.A Hotel In Japan

Generally, you have seen a receptionist is a human being but China is different as usual here’s a hotel where a receptionist is a robotic dinosaur.

5.Rice Paddy Art
This is a paddy field where the people made a rice paddy with the help of various types of rice and made it with so much creativity and imagination. 6.A Hand Drawn MapThis officer in China helped a guy who just got lost and for helping him he made a hand drawn a map with the exact location so that he can find it. 

7.Drivers In Japan

this is another unique style of China, there is a sign on the car which describes the age of the driver, in this first image you will see a new driver and in the second you will see elderly driver sign.

8. Leave The money In The Jar

this is something that we will see only in Japan.they give the people the freedom to take the groceries and leave the money in the jar.

9.Employees Bowing To The Passengers

People in Japan are so generous. Japan has a very unique way to apologize to the people. In this image, you will see the employees are bowing down to passengers because the flight got delayed.

10. Bus driver Holding An UmbrellaThis is something we really don’t get to see in any other place. This bus driver holding an umbrella so that the people don’t get wet when they are coming out of the bus.