10 Pictures That Reveal The Insane Cold Weather Of America

10 Pictures That Reveal The Insane Cold Weather Of America

In America the cold weather is not the same as we experience. Like the unusual Americans usually do, they poked a bit if fun at it and enjoyed it anyway.

In Wisconsin

A frozen poophole! This is the scenario of Wisconsin where a toilet seat turned into a snow sculpture.

Car door

It is so satisfying looking at this. A thin sheet of ice was formed and when the owner opened the door this happened!

How insightful

Who on the earth would do this? They can just open the main door to let the cold in. If you feel unsafe just turn off the burner, why wasting electricity?

New trend

Nature itself is imposing this new trend called the ‘Natural Makeup Look’.

Freezing pants

The person in Minnesota surely had a rough day getting out of those pants.

Chicken Eggs are Frozen

I wish to had an opportunity to lay it on a frying pan and watching it melt. It would be so satisfying.

Frozen toilet paper roll

This picture looks beautiful but what the person who will use this washroom would do with the tissue paper.

The frozen lake

This is the Detroit River frozen all the way to Canada. This looks beautiful but just imagine the temperature there.

A lesson from Polar Vortex

Your clothes will look like this, frozen if you hang them outside your house and maybe you’ll never wear them again.

Frozen eggs

The person just wanted to see how quickly the eggs freeze. A new way of cooking!