10 Pictures That Shows The Difference Between Prisons All Around The World

10 Pictures That Shows The Difference Between Prisons All Around The World

We all live in our comfortable homes that we don’t care about the world and how they are living. Here let us take a look at some of the prisons from all around the world. Some prisons are so luxurious that you will feel to stay there forever. So let’s see the world of prison and their way of living.

The people living in prison get the chance to meet their families and even to stay with them for one year.

There is no aggression between any inmate. They encourage them to enhance their skills and give them opportunity to live in harmony and peace.

Halden prison is second largest prison and the designs are so remarkable that they got an award for that. They provide activities like sports and music to prisoners and can also interact with unarmed staffs to create a sense of community.

Known for their advanced technology and infrastructure they provide various stuff like handrails,soft food, and allow to spend hours working, knitting and sewing.

Champ Dollon Prison has a spacious place and provide various facilities such as allowing them to work together and learn towards rehabilitation.

Cebu Prison gives a chance to do daily stuffs like exercise and dance. Some performances are filmed to release online making them popular.

Tihar is famous all over India and inmates learn the life of stability, cooking, working etc. Commoners as well as celebrities who are being convicted are put in this cell.
New Zealand

The prison looks like a dorm and here they teaches lots of skills like cooking, dairy farming and electrical engineering to the inmates.

Sollentuna prison makes the inmates feel special there. This is the most luxurious prison all around the world. The facility house provided to inmates are so comfortable that no one wants to leave.

Pondak Bambu prison is a woman facility place where everything is available for their liking. Beauty treatments are also provided here and they provide various other facilities too.