10 Powerful Commandos All Around The World

10 Powerful Commandos All Around The World

Special Forces are forces specially trained with extensive machinery and weapons to conduct special operations against any anti-social and anti-national elements. Special Forces undergo very harsh and difficult physical and mental training to tackle anything in and out of the country. Hence they are the most powerful forces for the country’s security.
We have selected the top 10 Special Forces based on the country’s economy, defense power, military capabilities, military strengths, training given to such forces, and the weapons they are trained on. Here goes the list of world’s best Special Forces.

British SAS

British SAS is the oldest and best elite group in the world. U.S government has praised the British SAS in the past for rescuing a CIA agent from Al Qaeda. These commandos undergoe lethal training and they are subjected to tortures to counter any kinds of environment if trapped. British Special Air Regiment was founded in the year 1941 to counter-terrorism, special operations and hostage rescue operations. SAS has been active since World War II and have earned laurels from many countries. The British SAS is also known to have trained the US Navy SEALS and other elite groups in the USA.


SEALS Team 6 (DEVGRU) from the US Navy SEALS is the best unit within, that selects its candidates from within the Navy’s SEAL team community. SEALS team are trained more in the waters than on land, as they are perfected to be a marine special group. US Navy SEALS was formed in the year 1962 to tackle attacks from the water body such as river, ocean and the swamp. US Navy SEALS are known for their aggressive behavior, greater accuracy and finishes off the mission with extreme violence where the opponent doesn’t have the time to react. In the recent years, SEALS are gaining more popularity in the media due to social media and movie leaks. SEALS have highly aggressive and physical abilities to counter the mission. SEALS team-6 is known to have killed Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

U.S Delta Force

Delta Force is part of the U.S Army with high Close Quarter Combat (CQC) training. The Delta Force is different from the U.S Navy SEALS, because the selection process and training are both different. They are trained with the most sophisticated technology from the U.S Army with capabilities to execute specialized missions and rescue operations. Delta Forces were used during the September 11, 2001 attack to dismantle the Taliban in Afghanistan. Delta Force is more organized, careful, well-crafted and executes the mission with high accuracy. The team has high targets set during the selection process, as the member of the Delta Force should have served some notable years in the Army and should have shown exceptional skills during those years to be part of Delta Force.

Alpha Group Russia

Alpha Group is part of the Russian Spetsnaz which form the most lethal and powerful anti-terrorism unit in Russia and the entire Europe. The Alpha Group was formed in the year 1974 after the 1972 Munich Massacre. Alpha Group is the most advanced and effective Special Forces in the world. Alpha Group has intense training sessions that include counter-terrorism, anti-hijacking, and other dangerous physical training. They have also significantly contributed to the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis, cconflicts in Chechnya and the North Caucasus, and 1995 mass hostage crises.

Green Berets U.S.A

Green Berets are the most adaptable and professional Special Forces in the world. The Green Berets are an U.S Army Special Forces (SF) that work in a team of 12 members ‘A’ team. It is very difficult to get into the U.S Army Special Forces, because you should have great intelligence, touch mental power and should have served at least for 3 years as an outstanding officer in the U.S military. The tough selection process for the SF for U.S Army includes 100 push-ups in 2 min, 100 sit-ups in 2 min and you should be able to complete 12 mile run in 12 to 14 min. Some of their notable engagements include “War in Afghanistan”, “Vietnam War” and fighting drug cartels in Columbia.

Russian Spetsnaz

Though, the well-trained Alpha Group are part of the Spetsnaz, the Russian Spetsnaz is no cakewalk. Spetsnaz itself are highly trained group in the world. The training for Spetsnaz is the world’s most brutal and best of best in the world. Spetsnaz is the elite group from Russia, formed during the Soviet Union era. Spetsnaz is directly controlled by the military intelligence group GRU (Spetsnaz GRU). The much respected Spetsnaz are known to have undertaken covert operations during the World War II, rescue missions and many high-profile assassinations. They operate along with the Alpha group in important missions.


MARCOS are the marine commando groups of the Indian Navy, who are considered as a top-notch in their training programs, combat capabilities, weapon handling skills, physical and mental well-being and great accuracy in performing tough operations. Initially the selection process includes 5-weeks long ‘Hell’s Week’ as a screening test to select candidates for the MARCOS, where the candidates are subjected to sleep-deprivations and intense physical training. Those who do not quit the ‘Hell’s Week’ or those who get selected here go to actual training which ranges from 2 and half to 3 years of tough training like para-dropping, amphibious operations, anti-hijacking, anti-piracy, counter-terrorism, counter insurgency operations and many other tough training are included in the course. Even the terrorists in Kashmir are scared of the MARCOS and they were engaged in coveted operations behind the enemy lines during the Kargil war and killed terrorists during the Mumbai attacks.

GIGN France

National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) is an elite group from France to tackle counter-terrorism and hostage rescue operations. GIGN was formed after the failure to counter the hostage taking of Israeli Olympians at the 1972 Games in Munich. GIGN is one of the most powerful and extremely trained to tackle counter combats against terrorist organisations. Recently, they were engaged in the Charlie Hebdo shooting. They are trained to handle the most sophisticated rifles and complex snipers in the world. This elite group are trained with high-tech gadgets and devices to pin-point locations, accurately hit targets and kill the enemy with high precision.

Israeli Sayeret Matkal

Israel is surrounded by highly hostile nations. Conscription is mandatory for all adults over the age of 18 in Israel. Men and women are trained in combat and warfare. Israel definitely needs heavy army capabilities and Sayeret Matkal is one of the creation to defend their territory. Israeli Sayeret Matkal was formed in the year 1957 that has participated in many counter-terrorism and rescue operations like the storming a Boeing 707 held by Black September terrorists in 1972 and the killing of a force of bus hijackers in the Gaza Strip.

They are well-known for their rescue operations in the 1976 to rescue 106 passengers at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. The members of Sayeret Matkal undergo a rigorous training of 1 year and 8 months to qualify as a Matkal commando. The best from this training go to the elite Unit 269. Unit 269 take part in high-profile and secret counter-terrorism operations.

SSG Pakistan

Pakistan’s Special Service Group (SSG) is considered to one of the world’s best Special Forces for their bravery and counter attack operations. The country’s SSG has been involved in various operations against India, terrorists and other militant groups in Afghanistan and within the country. This elite group was formed in the year 1956 and their first major deployment was during the war of 1965. They have a very good track record of quick assaults, rescue operations and other military assaults against militants. They were also involved in assisting the army during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971.


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