10 Real Pictures Which Look They Belong To An Alien World

10 Real Pictures Which Look They Belong To An Alien World

People often love mysterious things. So here we are presenting some very interesting pictures which look so appealing that we are confused about these mysterious things. And trust me these pictures aren’t edited one but they are real and it will make you feel like they are from an alien world.


This tiny creature looks like a dragon but it is just a rare Mexican Alligator Lizard that has become extinct due to deforestation and poaching which has led to its extinction.

Deep Water

Our human nature makes us stay away from the things which are unknown to us but this guy overcame his weakness by diving underwater from the edge.

Blue Water

This pond looks magical but it has strange theories which says it has minerals at the bottom of the pond and people who swim in it couldn’t live anymore. And if someone pours this water into a glass then it loses its color.

Blizzard Home

This year’s January witnessed a chilling cold that has broken all past records. This house in Ohio has been affected after a blizzard that now it looks like an ice house.

Thin Wall Or Building?

Optical illusions are generally designed to confuse us but this building in Singapore looks so incredible that if you click it from a certain angle then it will look like a thin wall.

Magical Library

We surely love magic and this library looks like it has been constructed with the inspiration from the Harry Potter series and whoever enters this Royal Portuguese Cabinet in Rio would fall in love with it instantly.

This Bat

Bat appears at night but this creature can literally blow away anyone’s daylight. Well, they will not harm anyone but its safe that we stay away from them and not disturb them.

Animal Leg

Well, we thought that this is a dragon or something but it is actually a southern Cassowary’s leg that looks almost as big as an Ostrich and they measure 50-67 inches in length.

Connecting Power

In winter we can’t even touch cold stuff but here if you try to contact any warm synthetic cloth then it gives rise to static electricity. And as you try increasing the humidity then the effect will suddenly decrease.

Mysterious Glass Ball

This is absolutely gorgeous, highly mysterious, perfectly weighted, and is of very high quality. What it truly stands for is something we aren’t really sure.