10 Reasons Why ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’ Remains Relevant To Us Millennials Even After 11 Years

10 Reasons Why ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’ Remains Relevant To Us Millennials Even After 11 Years

Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na discharged 11 years back today. This Indian rom-com by Abbas Tyrewala relevantly depicted twenty to thirty year olds and their connections from kin’s cling to a weirdo yet relatable school pack.

It’s additionally insane how the substance hasn’t matured a bit and stays applicable to this date. Here are a couple of reasons why this uniquely Bollywood film is as yet one of our dearests-

The kin security among Aditi and her sibling, Amit, played by Prateik Babbar, reflected genuine sibling sister connections.

Amit and Aditi, dependably at one another’s tails, quarreling like Tom and Jerry, is the way kin act around one another. He likewise defends Aditi when Sushant Modi, Aditi’s life partner, is being a genuine jolt to her. This is kin. We may battle 24×7, yet how could any other individual to such an extent as raise their voice at our sibling/sister?

The characterisation of the heroes, Aditi and Jai, challenged generalizations.

Demure, agreeable and subsequently an object of want this is your common Bollywood courageous woman. Yet, Aditi, then again, was noisy, didn’t take horse crap from individuals and wasn’t reluctant to throw a left hook when somebody ticked her off. Jai, the Rajput legend of the film, was miles from the ‘macho’ generalization that Bollywood saints normally submit to.

The two parent-tyke connections appeared in the film-Jai’s mom and Aditi’s Peachy and Pumpkin-are healthy depictions of a family.

Peachy and Pumpkin AKA Aditi’s folks may be one of the coolest guardians in artistic history. As was Jai’s mother. These characters stayed aware of the sentimental contributions of their youngsters and bolstered them through everything. What objectives, man.

The kind of bond Aditi and Jai imparted to one another’s folks was likewise endearing.

There is this specific scene, when Aditi’s father is admonishing Amit and her for battling before a ‘mehmaan’, indicating Jai. Jai checks out the room as if suspecting ‘kaun mehmaan?’

Savitri, the single parent who has hustled hard and intentionally raised a reasonable and not entitled man in Jai-merits a different notice.

Jai and his mom, Savitri, played by Ratna Pathak, alternate to prepare sustenance. She brings him up in a manner that guarantees he doesn’t transform into his dad, who kicked the bucket in a ‘masculine’ battle. She ingrains a specific affectability in him and he’s likewise ready to express his feelings instead of smothering them.

The music collection formed by A. R. Rahman had some blustery, fun, and even extreme structures, that caught the quintessence of affection and kinship.

Indeed, even following 11 years, we can in any case tune in to its melodies on rehash. From the verses to the tune the melodies conveyed this interminable appeal and we are as yet hypnotized.

Jiggy, Rotlu, Sandhya and Shaleen – a school pack of a couple of deviants indicated kinship in the most relatable tint.

The story begins with the group anticipating Jai and Aditi’s flight. They disclose to Jiggy’s date the narrative of how they wound up together. Their cheerful discussion, with cases of pulling each other’s leg and giggling at one another, helped us to remember our ol’ school gathering.

In spite of the fact that Aditi and Jai end up getting hitched, the film had at its heart the excellence alongside the hurt of kinships.

Sandhya, who is dating Rotlu, some place likes Jai, where as Rotlu likes Aditi. How confounded and wrecked is that? Definitely, however this is the manner by which life really is.

Dissimilar to Bollywood nowadays, the film didn’t endure poisonous manliness and oppressive connections.

Sushant and Aditi’s relationship in spite of the fact that began pretty easily wound up hitting a knock, when Sushant began displaying envious conduct that really before long swelled into animosity. Be that as it may, the storyline gets rid of this dangerous relationship. Jai is the strong foil of Sushant’s character-quiet, created and touchy.

The blustery and some of the time foolish diversion inspires an emotional response with the truth of millennial kinships.

What’s more, notwithstanding it all, the film still offered some Bollywood masala of the joyfully ever after, despite the fact that in its own impossible to miss season.

Jai rides a steed to pursue Aditi at the airplane terminal while the security believes he’s a ‘fear based oppressor’. What’s more, goodness, before he does that, buddy additionally goes to imprison for punching Sushant. Drrrramaa.

Point is, we relate. Indeed, even to this date. What’s more, we keep on watching this vibe great film and chuckle, grin, and cry as we did the first run through.


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