9 Shocking And Weird Habits Of Bollywood Celebrities

9 Shocking And Weird Habits Of Bollywood Celebrities

Its weird to hear  that our star have such bad habits like us  … here  we are sharing some weird habits of Bollywood celebs …

Ohho no oops its KAREENA kapoor  who share  NAIL CHEWING  habit  with you .  ohh guys don’t take too much stress its true Kareena kapoor has such bad  habit to chewing her nails , we don’t know  she  did it during stress or she love its taste. but she do . By the way i suggest you that all next time if you caught by someone  doing same says proudly Kareena kapoor also did it.

SRK  is a Chain  smoker . yeah Shah rukh khan smoke hundred cigarettes in a day . Apart from this  Shah rukh khan feet stinky too much  because he takes off his shoe  in a day  before going to bed ..

Sushmita sen has kinda weird habit … She love to takes bath in open area.. yeah you read right  Sushmita sen does not like enjoying bath in her huge bathroom but  she prefer to take bath in the terrace  area . I am thoughtful  how she mange bathing in open area … o ma where i am when she take bath.

Next one is KHANDALA girl  Rani Mukherjee  who didnt like to take bed tea as we all want but she  start her morning with puff  .  As we all  searching a cup of tea in a morning she search a cigarette to smoke . What you want to say  its weird or not.

Boby deol  next one name in this list  he is  quiet  superstitious .. After seeing his body we all think  that he has no fear but he has .. He literally put a wood box in his  bag and he touches wood after saying something which he thought LOG KI  NAZAR NA LAG JAYE ..

Kunal kapor also little bit superstitious and  annoying habit related to food . He always leave a bit of food in his plate after taking meal and he likes our pa ji boby deol . Touch wood ..

I tell you dont read this one  its about  JEETENDRA ji.  He eats papaya when he sits on the pot .. Yeah  i know reader u feel yuck but its habit .

John Abraham shares very common habit shaking his legs when he feels restless .

Ex-Miss world  DIANA  Hayden’s  share bit strange habit to everyone Whenever she leaves for out she salt  throw salt on her left shoulder. There is no such logic behind it  but she cant get rid of this habit ..


Sunny Leone has an abnormal propensity for washing her legs at regular intervals. All things considered, that is some next level purifying. A significant number of her shoots get postponed because of this propensity for hers.

In this way, these were some odd yet captivating propensities for our Bollywood celebs which are very obscure. Different big names also have uncommon propensities like for example, while we have a propensity for checking our telephone each moment, Vidya Balan doesn’t check her telephone for a considerable length of time! Mind blowing right?