10 Stunning Hollywood Actresses Who Dumped Their Partners After They Got To Stardom

10 Stunning Hollywood Actresses Who Dumped Their Partners After They Got To Stardom

Fame can realize a great deal of changes throughout everyday life. Dealing with notoriety can be extremely hard. It could change an individual’s way of life and as a rule, their accomplices as well. In spite of the fact that affection and marriage are said to be lasting throughout everyday life, reality behind it varies. Stunning as it might sound, there are various gifted Hollywood entertainers who chose to dump their accomplices once they got well known. The rundown underneath will undoubtedly stun you. Peruse on to discover more!

Jennifer Hudson

She came in the general population eye with the show American Idol. Before she won the show, she was known to have been dating her secondary school beau, James Payton. The long haul relationship, be that as it may, reached a conclusion when Hudson got well known.


Before she packed away a job in The Prankers, Mo’Nique was hitched to Mark Jackson and had a child named Shalon.


The dim excellence Omarosa got saw when she turned into a hopeful on The Apprentice. Before that occurred, she was hitched to Aaron Stallworth. In any case, after 5 years, their marriage finished attributable to the way that she had gotten celebrated.

Freida Pinto

The Slumdog Millionaire on-screen character dumped her ex Rohan Antao on account of her fascination with her co-entertainer Dev Patel. This separation had left Antao totally crushed.

Miranda Kerr

The shocking Victoria’s Secret model was once hitched to Orlando Bloom. This was well before Kerr had become a supermodel. Inside 3 years of accomplishing notoriety, the model dumped The Lord of the Rings entertainer.

Jennifer Lopez

There is without a doubt no one in Hollywood who has not known about the lovely Jennifer Lopez. Be that as it may, very few think about the pop sensation’s union with Ojani Noa. Their wedding was Lopez’s first and had kept going not exactly a year. No big surprise it had left Noa shattered.

Drew Barrymore

Barrymore was never a casualty of unexpected fame. She has consistently been renowned. Be that as it may, when she turned into a lead entertainer, shedding her youngster on-screen character mark, fame got progressively hard to deal with. She has been hitched multiple times starting at now. Her first spouse, Jeremy Thomas, went on for only a year unequivocally from 1994 to 1995.

Meghan Markle

Who doesn’t know Meghan Markle? The American on-screen character turned British princess has broken a few generalizations and is notable crosswise over Hollywood. Be that as it may, not many think about her getting hitched to Trevor Engelson in 2011 when Markle was at the pinnacle of her vocation.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston and Tate Donovan had started dating in 1995 when Aniston was exactly at the blossom of her profession. Exactly when she sacked a significant job in FRIENDS and began getting extremely well known, their relationship plunged and in the long run reached a conclusion.

Angelina Jolie

Everyone thinks about Jolie dating Brad Pitt. Be that as it may, not many of us truly realize that she had been hitched thrice previously. Her first spouse was Johnny Lee Miller. The marriage went on for a long time from 1996-2000.


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