10 Stupid Reasons Why People Were Killed

10 Stupid Reasons Why People Were Killed

Murder is a very serious crime, but murderers don’t always kill for the right reasons. In fact, some motives for murder are downright stupid. These ten motives for murder are some of the world’s dumbest. You won’t believe the reasons why these people committed murder. Check them out for yourself below!

10- Photobombing

Kim Pham was just 23 years old when she exited a nightclub in 2014 and accidentally photobombed a photo of two girls named Candace Brito and Vanesa Tapia Zavala. The two girls confronted Pham and began to beat her up after a misunderstanding. Despite Pham’s boyfriend’s attempts to break the fight apart, the two girls beat Pham to death.

9- TV Remote

 In 2011, a 13-year-old boy in Siberia allegedly killed his sister over possession of a TV remote. The boy shot his 17-year-old sister in the face with a hunting rifle at point-blank range when they got into a verbal fight over the remote. Because of his age, he did not face any criminal charges.

8- Unfriended on Facebook

 Bill Payne and girlfriend Billie Jean Hayworth were friends with Jenelle Potter on Facebook until the couple got into an argument with Potter. They decided to unfriend her on Facebook as a result. To retaliate, Potter convinced her dad and brother to break into the couple’s home and murder both of them.

7- Texting

In January 2014, a retired police officer and his wife were at a movie when they got into a yelling match with a man in front of them who was texting with his keypad sound effects turned on. The man refused to stop texting, so the retired officer pulled out his gun and shot him point-blank. Both victims were rushed to the hospital, where the man who was texting soon died. He had been texting his 3-year-old daughter.

6- Loud Music

 In May 2010, 36-year-old Kelly Danaherwas shot in front of his home during a birthday party for his wife and young daughter. An all-day birthday celebration was held at Kelly Danaher’s home, and Raul Rodriguez was annoyed by the party noise. But instead of contacting police and allowing them to diffuse the situation, Raul Rodriguez took matters into his own hands and showed up at the neighbor’s home with a gun and a flashlight. An argument broke out, and Raul Rodriguez fired his weapon.

5- Watching the Game 

The South Africa World Cup in 2010 was a big deal for a 68-year-old father who told his family he wanted to watch the game one day. However, his family – specifically his wife and children – wanted to watch a gospel show. When the man went to the TV and turned the dial to the game, his family turned on him. They beat and stabbed him to death.

4- Junk Food-Induced Insanity

Dan White was a supervisor in San Francisco who was let go and replaced by politician Harvey Milk. In a fit of rage, White went into City Hall and gunned down two men, one of them being Harvey Milk. He claimed that he was insane at the time after a diet that consisted solely of junk food drove him to insanity. White was given only seven years in jail of which he only served five. However soon after his release White committed suicide and no junk food to blame.

3- Breakfast

Joshua Davies was just a teenager when he murdered ex-girlfriend Rebecca Aylward. Davies had been stalking her and sending her threatening messages when he texted his friend and asked what his friend would do if he killed Aylward? His friend responded that he would buy Davies breakfast. Davies promptly killed Aylward and told his friend that he might be owing him breakfast soon.

2- Mondays

In 1979, Brenda Ann Spencer fired many shots at the elementary school across the street from her house because, according to an interview she did with a reporter, she just didn’t like Mondays. She murdered both the principal and the custodian in her spree.

1- Ungratefulness

In March of 2003, Fergus Glen cooked his younger brother dinner as a way to make amends. When his brother didn’t thank him for the meal, Glen became enraged and hacked his brother to death with a hatchet. So much for dessert.


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