10 Surprising Facts About Salman Khan’s Alleged Girlfriend Lulia Vantur

10 Surprising Facts About Salman Khan’s Alleged Girlfriend Lulia Vantur

Lulia is a Romanian entertainer. She is regularly spotted at Bollywood’s honor work and furthermore with Salman as well. Individuals continue googling to discover increasingly more about her, after all she is a supposed sweetheart of Bollywood’s most needed Bachelor-Salman Khan. Exhibiting you 10 amazing realities about Salman Khan’s supposed sweetheart Lulia Vantur:

Who is Lulia?Lulia Vantur is Romanian excellence who happens to be entertainer, model and a TV moderator by calling. She is featured in “Hitting the dance floor with Stefan Banica Jr.”

She is multi year more youthful than Salman Khan.You may have known about statement expressing that ‘Affection have no age’, thus with Salman and Lulia.

She showed up in one of the Bollywood’s thing song.She did a thing melody in motion picture named ‘O teri’ in which Salman Khan was a storyteller of the film. ‘O teri’ was a hindi satire film.

Connected with to Salman KhanMany entrances revealed that Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur are subtly drawn in and will get hitched soon, most presumably in coming year.

When Salman met Lulia!While going for ‘EK tha tiger’ (which additionally stars Katrina Kaif too who happens to Salman’s ex), Salman Khan met this Romanian excellence.

Lulia’s ex-boyfriend!Before Salman, there were gossipy tidbits that lulia was near Marius Moga who happens to be Romanian maker, arranger and an artist as well. There were additionally gossip that she was likewise hitched to Marius Moga.

Near Khan Family She is frequently seen in family picture of ‘Khans’.

Grant holder!She have a few honors for her work in TV. Her work in TV is especially valued.

Condition with Salman’s motherLulia is frequently spotted with Salman’s mom. News expresses that they share close condition.

She was a model teacher as well. She began working at youthful age. At 15 years old she transformed into a model educator.


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