10 Things Girls Notice First In Guys! Be Careful While You’re With Her

10 Things Girls Notice First In Guys! Be Careful While You’re With Her

When you approach to someone ,you try to give your best every-time .You try and do all the best possible things to impress her .But do you know some of the tips that can make her go crazy for you??

Today ,we share some of the points by which you can impress the girl ,whom you want to be the partner or loved one .

Let’s see some of them:

1. The Way You Greet Her

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For all the guys , as it is said that first impression is the last one , you need to watch out your first step of impressing her .It may get a lucky charm in first go.

2. Body Language Is Necessary

She definitely cares about the way you are in front of her .So give your best in your natural way .

3. The Way You Smell

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The fragrance contribute a lot indeed. Make a choice of the fragrance ,she remembers post meeting too.

4. The Way You Dress

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Girls like men who are well dressed and groomed . So the wardrobe choice should be perfect . Let’s make it easy or you, you can make out the type of dress code she likes .

5. Movement Of Eyes

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Girls are super intelligent in this case.. They notice your eye movements ,so be very particular about this one .

6. Your Behavior With Others

Very common yet too typical to understand .Girls always keep a grilling eye the way you treat others in front of her. It should nor too conservative neither too casual.

7. Sense Of Humor

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Girls like funny and humorous guys who can make them happy go lucky.

8. Even Your Shoes

Shoes are one of the important thing they notice .So make sure ,you wear a good and impressive pair.

9. Flatter, But Smartly

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Girls know that when it’s the real or over one. Impress her by her real side smartly..

10. Your Physique

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This is for you also.. Keep yourself fit and flexible everytime which is a positive one for you because the girl sees it all ,the way you present yourself publicly.

So girls do you also agree with our today’s tips ? Do comment and share your thoughts in the section below


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