10 Things That An Indian Couple Does On Their First Wedding Night

10 Things That An Indian Couple Does On Their First Wedding Night

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The most curious thing and talks about the couples post wedding is their first night .As heard in the stories or from friends about the secretive thoughts about the first night are merely myths i guess upto an extent…

We are presenting you today 10 things which a newly couple does at their first night.

1. Take A Deep Sleep

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Through deep sleep I really mean a deep sleep when we are totally unconscious without knowing who is next to you. All the marriage rituals in the wedding are so tiresome that the couple is not in a state of consummating their marriage and as soon as they enter the room they just change and take a deep nap.

2. Sexy Talks

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While some couple just take a deep nap on their wedding night, there are also some couple who have naughty conversation with each other as during the wedding they don’t get much time to talk to each other. So yeah having a naughty chat is also kind of sexy.

3. Honeymoon Plans

It is said that only 10% of the couples make love on their first wedding night, rest others are just busy with other stuff on their wedding night. Some couples end up making honeymoon plans and finish the night making all sorts of plans to do on their honeymoon.

4. Take A Bath

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After all the wedding activities some couples just love to take a bath for sometime to relax their mind and body and a hot water bath actually helps in it.

5. “Saali” Pranks

In many families you may have seen that the “Saali’s” perform all sorts of prank on the groom on the wedding night that its just becomes so tough for him to even talk to his bride. Such pranks are performed in most families in India that saali interrupts the groom from even entering the room and meet his wife. SAD!

6. See Gifts

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Some brides are just so curious to know who gave what gifts and like this she ends up the night just unwrapping the gifts and judging them and while on the other side the groom just waits for her to stop seeing the gifts and do some other stuff. Sad life Groom!

7. Discuss Everything About The Wedding

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Some couple just spend their first wedding night talking about all the stuff that happened during the marriage and also sorts of rituals that happened and also about the guests.

8. Removal of Makeup and changing Dress

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Brides are actually tired of wearing that heavy make up for such a long span that they spend half of the night just taking off that makeup .Also the heavy dress that they’re wearing feels too heavy.

9. Wedding Games

The rituals in Indian weddings just never end and in some families they couple has to play some games with the family after their wedding. They just spend the entire night playing some games like “finding a ring in a bowl full of milk”.

10. Left With The Thought Of A Perfect First Night

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Couple plan their wedding to be just superb and perfect but the reality is far apart from just being perfect .They plan many things but sometimes it just becomes a plan.


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