10 Things You MUST Know about Gully Boy’s MC Sher aka Siddhant Chaturvedi

10 Things You MUST Know about Gully Boy’s MC Sher aka Siddhant Chaturvedi

Apart from being the awesome movie addition to the Bollywood, Gully Boy, has also introduced us all to someone that is truly what all the ladies were looking for. Zoya Akhtar, no doubt your film is a gem but the undiscovered gem you’ve brought out through this movie is certainly your silent contribution to the mankind.

Yes! We’re talking about MC Sher aka Siddhant Chaturvedi who single-handedly took a place in all of our hearts forever… Now, except for stalking his profile for days and nights, do we know something about this dreamy boy that nobody else does? Well, we can… 

Here are 10 unknown facts about this boy-next-door that you’d not wanna miss… 

1- Almost A Chartered Account 

Sidd comes from a working-class family and kinda was sorted with his career options until ‘Bombay Times’ came into his life. Basically, Siddhant was a bright student and was definite to be a CA like his father post to his B.com… But the fate was already written for this man! Everything was going according to the plan he was in fact, all set to clear the last stage of his CA exam, it was only after winning a talent contest organized by the ‘Bombay Times’ when he decided to concentrate his career towards performing arts instead. 

2- He suffered multiple rejections
But his aspirations of becoming an actor came at a price. For six years, he continuously faced rejections and low-phases.
“I struggled for six years and there were many rejections and low points along the way. I started from the bottom. But I always had this raging ambition to go out there and prove myself with that one perfect opportunity. I always used to think ‘ki apna time kab ayega’. And as luck would have it, Zoya had been looking for MC Sher for a year and I happened to be there at the right time”.

3- He had featured in several commercials
Siddhant also has a few memorable commercials under his belt, including an international advertisement campaign for Coca-Cola. He has also secured a nice little endorsement deal with Tata Harrier, one of Tata Motors newest motors of 2019.

4- He won Bombay Clean and Clear Fresh Face
When Siddhanth Chaturvedi was in college, he was inclined to model as well and won the ‘Clean & Clear Bombay Times Fresh Face 2012’ title after which he decided to take up modeling as his career. 

5- He’s made his parents proud
When he dropped his career in accountancy for acting, his parents were concerned about his prospects. The success of Gully Boy has thankfully laid all their worries to rest, and they’re relishing the opportunity of watching their son do his thing on the big screen… to the extent that they’ve already watched Gully Boy 15 times.

6- He held out for the big one
His father always told him to never do anything if his heart wasn’t in it. Chaturvedi took this lesson and ran with it, refusing to accept roles in lesser films that might pay the bills, but would do little to satisfy his artistic ambitions. Fortunately, his patience was eventually rewarded with Gully Boy.
“They say beggars can’t be choosers but here I was being choosy because that’s what makes or breaks an actor. I just kept myself ready for a good film. I knew that ‘Gully Boy’ was one such film where every actor will get to shine and that’s what has happened.”

7- Deepika Padukone gave him his biggest compliment
When he was asked to decide about the best compliment he has ever received, he took Deepika’s name “Oh! He is just a boy. He is so cute,” as the one he considers the best.

8- He has his own MC Sher
Unlike Gully Boy, Chaturvedi has more mentors than he seems to have anything else.
“I don’t have one MC Sher, I have lots of MC  Sher’s in my life. My dad is my MC Sher, there is Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar, and Zoya Akhtar was my sherni. And last but not the least, Ranveer Singh…. he used to give me that confidence; I am a huge fan of his work.”

9- He’s starred in a sitcom
His first major break came with a web series, Life Sahi Hai that was produced by Luv Rajan (director of Pyaar Ka Punchnama 1 & 2) and created by Tarun Jain (writer of Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2). Revolving around four guys living together in Delhi, the series was a success on YouTube and eventually got a second season on ZEE5. 
From a sitcom, Siddhant moved to a sports thriller with Amazon Prime Video’s first Indian original series, Inside Edge .

10- He’s not decided what the future holds
Gully Boy may have been hugely successful, but what Chaturvedi will do with that success is still in the air. Without even a manager or an agency contract in place, whatever he decides will be 100% his own decision. He’s unlikely to be swayed by anything that brings in the money but lacks artistic integrity.
“I don’t want to be a star for money or fame. I want to be a star because then you have a better choice of roles. You need a bit of luck and hard work for that.”

And now that you know a new lot of information about this amazing boy next door, you may continue to drool over his existence even more.!


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