10 Unfortunate Ironies that exist only in India

10 Unfortunate Ironies that exist only in India

We all know , we all want  India become a number one country of the world ,  we want success in all over the field , we want better to best society  but what we will do for it ? nothing we are just talking , just imaging our country in one number . but we are not interesting to take  single step towards improvement . we see problem  in-front  for us  but neglecting  and we still stick  to our okay  attitude and blame each other . now days we are facing number of social and economical issues in our country  . Mob lynching , rape dowry cases divorce , cast and religious issue such a big problem of India  and its very very serious issue .  but we are  seriously talking about this issues but we do nothing in serious manner ,we are just blaming  each other and our government system , law and order . firstly if we want to  raise and make good country need to change them self  unless we will not change nothing  will change . here we want to share some ironies that exist in India n must need to change ..

1.In India women are treated in dual ways . first  worshiping of  women  other hand girls being raped , disrespected by men  they are being burden on them.  double standard of our society is a biggest irony of India .

2.In the IAS exam a candidate score n win  exam by write  a  excellent  easy on DOWRY- a social evil . after it he demand 1crore in a dowry because he become a IAS officer .

3.In India we have to seen both sides of road to cross one way  road ..rules are just for breaking and no one is afraid of it .

4.We don’t believe in the product manufacturing  in India .because we love n believe in foreign brand .

5.We can hit and piss publicly but we cant kiss and hug publicly  because  its so  vulgar ……..according to us ..think about it which is more vulgar hit ,piss ,kiss or hug …..?

6.In mary kom priyanka earned more money comparing than real mary kon who  had served   her life  for  Indian nation .

7.Parents Always keep away their children from unknown person because  its not save for their children ,they don’t want unknown person hurt their children but at marriage time  its save to get marriage with stranger  which kind of ironic is it .

8.The people who fight over Geeta n Quran .surely never open it .

9.if u want to become a peon u must clear 8th class, but if u want to run our country , don’t worry u don’t need any kind of educational qualification .

10.Its strange thing but its fact n true politician are divide  us but terrorist not .its bitter truth yes but it is n all experience it once in while ..

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