10 Worlds Most Gorgeous Female Armed Forces

10 Worlds Most Gorgeous Female Armed Forces

Women in the Military   have a history that extends over 400 years into the past, Women has played many roles in the military from ancient time ,  In Man dominating culture women proved herself choose to join the army over all the other professions that they could’ve,   they prove that the women are strong enough to not only protect themselves but also their country.

So here is list of some ravishing women soldiers  from around the world. after watching this list i am sure you will also think once,  why they didn’t join film world they able to won any beauty contest.

Russian Army

Russian women is most attract women in the world , she hold 2nd position in most attractive arm force women in all over the world .

Romanian Army

Romanian army known for the world top aggressive power. they  have the most attractive  female military  officers  in  army.

U.S.  Army

American women soldiers are attractive as male soldiers. His fitness & his body are  appreciable . In 2012, the U.S. 14% of the women were recruited in the army.

Czech Republic Army

Women  were not allowed to be recruited in the military until WWII. After that woman were allowed to recruitment  in the military.  Women in the Air Force look incredibly beautiful Now, they have become an integral part of the Armed Forces and their position has proved mandatory in the Air Force.

Polish Army

At present, there are approximately 2,500 women in Polish Armed Forces, and all women have the same rights as men to join and serve in the Polish Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces.

British Army

Since the 1990s, he has been integrated into British Armed Forces; However, they remain out of combat units primarily in Army, Royal Marine and Royal Air Force Regiment.

Pakistan Army

As we know Pakistan is islamic country and   woman are not allowed in military but it’s not true since 1947 women had been given their service in military

Israel Army

In Israel army 31 percent of  IDF soldiers are women, which is 3x more than the U.K. and they are  so beautiful and attractive.

Greece Army

Australian Army

Australian woman have been a part of the military since revolutionary war . in 2012 women are make 14% part of the military more then 165,000 are enlisted and active in the armed service .35000 additional women serving as officers.

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