102 Year-Old Great-Grandmother Skydives From 14,000 Feet, Setting Major #LifeGoals

102 Year-Old Great-Grandmother Skydives From 14,000 Feet, Setting Major #LifeGoals

A lady who crossed 102 narrates love story. She said about her spouse that we keep each other company all the time and get along with each other. She further said that I am too old for this and I thought I can’t do this alone. I need a help.

She narrated her story that I have a wonderful romantic tale. We stay with one another ALL the time. “I’m not young to do such a adventutreous thing, I’m apprehensive or I can’t do it without anyone else’s help”. And my husband was not intrested to do it with me. “I will do it sometime, at some point”. Today however, them two remaining me. Since they saw this. This was the bravery who turned into the world’s most seasoned skydiver at the age of 102!

102-year-old Irene O’Shea lives in Australia. She lost her little daughter Shelagh to Motor Neurone Disease 10 years back. Along these lines, she chose to fund-raise to help her daughter for this sickness. She hopped off 14,000 feet at Langhorne Creek with SA Skydiving and now gladly holds the world record for being the most seasoned skydiver.

Mind boggling right? OK guys you will not trust me on the off chance that I revealed to you this isn’t her first  skydiving ? In 2016, she skydived out when she was celebrating her 100th birthday function! She did it again the following year and now is her third bounce. Till date, she has effectively raised ~$12,000 to battle the illness and wants to expand several time just to collect the money for her daughter. This is the thing that she felt about her milestone accomplishment:

“It was clear up there and the climate was great yet it was exceptionally chilly up … Possibly I will do it agiain one year from now and on the off chance that I live sufficiently long I’ll seize 105.”

I think she’ll certainly skydive until she’s 105. Almost certainly about it. Seeing as how she can drive herself and doesn’t require to read glasses. What’s more, it’s not simply me, Twitter considers so as well.


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On the off chance that any of you might want to give to her motivation, you can. Her page gofundme is active. All the cash goes to Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia.