107 YO Woman Credits Her Long Life To Travelling Often & Staying Unmarried!

107 YO Woman Credits Her Long Life To Travelling Often & Staying Unmarried!

In today’s scenario where a normal person has an average age of 79 yrs.Here’s a story of a woman who is 107-year-old and shares her journey and secret of happy long life.

Louise Jean Signore, who lives in the Bronx in New York, recently celebrated her 107th birthday in the presence of hundreds of friends and family members. Born in 1912 in Manhattan.

The woman lives in New York and has witnessed the scenario of Titanic.
she says the secret to her long life is ‘never getting married’.

She adds that being single is one the reasons to have a long life.
“I think the secret of 107: I never got married. I think that’s the secret. My sister says, ‘I wish I never got married,” 

Apart from this secret Louise also applies the mantra of healthy diet and regular exercise .She loves to travel often. Further she says:
Food and exercise and you have to have a system if you go to sleep at 11, don’t go to at 9 o’ clock, at 2 o’clock, that’s not good. If they have exercise, I do the exercise. If they have dancing, I dance. I still do a little dancing. After my lunch, I will play bingo, so I had a full day.”

She loves adventures and live her life fully. She was one of four siblings, three of whom are still alive today, including her baby sister who turned 102-years-old in March.

United States has seen many more long lived females ,Alelia Murphy, 114, is the oldest living woman.

We all need to learn some long life mantras with adventures by this enthusiastic woman.

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