11 Different Types of Hug Which Will add ‘Cherry on Cake’ in Your Relationship

11 Different Types of Hug Which Will add ‘Cherry on Cake’ in Your Relationship

There is nothing quite as comforting as a hug from the right person. Whether between parents and children, friends or lovers, hugs strengthen our bonds while making us healthier and happier.

You may not have thought about it, but there are different types of hugs that convey different messages between people. Hugging is one of best way to comfort someone or to show affection.

This is also true of hugs between potential life partners.

Hugs can say a lot about your relationship. Let’s see what these eleven different types of hugs 

1- The “London Bridge” hug

In this hug, there’s an actual distance between you and the whole affair looks awkward. If a guy hugs you like this, he’s not into you and most likely doesn’t want to hug you in the first place. If the distance between you is spontaneous, then obviously you feel the same and are only doing the polite thing.

2- The suffocating hug

This embrace is certainly familiar to everyone: it is necessary when we need the support of a loved one. It lasts without any words needed, and things are looking up somehow. Believe us, this hugger is ready to be with you in joy and in sorrow, which is very, very important. When you had a long tiring day and hugs your partner for the relief it means you rely on your partner for your mental peace.

3- Leaning Tower of Pisa hug

Leaving space between when hugging, especially in the lower part of the body, is a sign that your partner feels uncomfortable with you or is dejected about something. While it may occur after some disputes, hugs like this that occur for no reason are a sign that your partner does not want to come close.

4- The ultimate friendship hug

It is a hug that is all about friendship and camaraderie. Each person literally gives the other a pat on the back as a signal of comfort. There’s not really a sense of intimacy involved in this hug. It’s a hug that is all about comfort and ease. In this hug, one or both people have their hands in the pockets of the other. This position shows just how relaxed and comfortable your relationship is. You don’t have to work hard to make this partnership succeed. 

5- The hug from behind

You are busy in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up, and your guy comes from behind and puts his arms around you. In this hug he is covering your body from behind, protecting you while pulling you close to him, making you feel wanted. This man is ready to protect you and is not afraid of responsibility. Even if he hasn’t said the words yet, a guy who holds you like this is in love.

6- The end of the world type of a hug

This kind of hug keeps on without either person having to say anything. It is a silent expression of love and support that doesn’t require any words. It is not only expressed between couples but also between loved ones in general. Whoever hugs you like this, will always stand by you through thick and thin.

7- Hugs without much contact

The loose hug where you barely touch each other is a bad sign in a relationship. It means that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed soon.

8- Legs wrapped around your waist

This is one of the most adorable types of hugs. When you go for a hug with the guy, he holds you around the waist and whisks you off your feet. Often these types of hugs are accompanied by little kisses. In the hug, he also lets you wrap your legs tightly around his waist as he holds you tight against him. It doesn’t matter how long he has been away, this hug says he can’t wait to put his hands on you. This is the kind of hug we often see in the movies. These are rare and hence are really cute when they happen. So, if a guy hugs a girl like this, he is really into her. It’s all in his body language. This hug reminds us of the saying from the fairy tales: sweeping you off your feet. He’s definitely your Prince Charming if he does this.

9- The “one-way” street hug

This hug happens when one person is keener than the other. It means that one person is trying hard to hug a person who doesn’t really want to be hugged. They don’t even lift their arms to hug back. This is a bad sign of a one-sided relationship. This is also the same for friendship. A relationship works best when both are as committed as each other.

10- The hug while looking into the eyes

A tender hug from him while looking into your eyes spells a deep connection between you. He cares for you deeply. Hold onto this one!

11- The Pampered Hug

If your partner taps your back or rubs it or kiss you while hugging it then it is called as the pampered hug. It means that your partner cares for you.


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