11 Exceptional Roles Performed by Abhay Deol Proved He is a GEM of Acting

11 Exceptional Roles Performed by Abhay Deol Proved He is a GEM of Acting

There are actors who aren’t big but aren’t unheard of either. They don’t possess genius talent but they aren’t poor actors either. They are just good, plain and simple–and you can rely on them as their every performance has that special something.

Abhay Deol is one such actor. When it comes to the characters he plays onscreen, Abhay Deol has always been unpredictable in his choices. 

Here are the top performances of his career:

1- Abhay Deol made his debut in this above-average romantic comedy. Abhay’s charming performance was a big part of the film’s success.

2-  Remember him doing Salsa to that famous song ‘pyaar ki ek khahani suno’?

3- The life of an IT guy changes just by missing a train.

4- Abhay Deol gave one of sharpest performances of his career.

5- Playing a mysterious and charming criminal, Lovinder Singh a.k.a Lucky is an effortless performance by the talented actor which deserves to be appreciated.

6- The actor playing the modern version of the legendary character Devdas with aplomb. Playing a self-destructing anti-hero is not what many actors can pull off efficiently.

7- A sweet boy, Arjun who was always there for Aisha and even scolded her whenever she was wrong. So adorable!

8- In one of the best movies of recent times, Abhay Deol’s Kabir not only played his part but he was of the best characters in the movie.

9- Abhay plays the straight-arrow Tamilian IAS officer who finds the strength to be defiant.

10- Abhay Deol has a short but a strong role in the movie and he has done a good job portraying a political party leader.

11- Abhay provided the needed support to the storyline with his subtle performance.


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