11 Hindi Films Exclusively Made to Watch Alone Instead of With Your Parents

11 Hindi Films Exclusively Made to Watch Alone Instead of With Your Parents

Watching movies with your parents can be a real treat. You get to explain the plot to them a thousand times and you get to experience the eternity it takes for them to consume a small popcorn with no butter, but sprinkled with flavoring mom smuggled in her purse.

But choose the movie wisely, or else the sound of them popping the tab on a canned soda won’t be your only source of humiliation. Oh, but this doesn’t just apply to movies in the theater! You know full well your parents can embarrass and humiliate you at home, and it doesn’t always have to do with their habits. There are lots of reasons not to watch certain movies with your parental units, not least the awkwardness of … adult situations.

Here’s a list of movies to avoid unless you were a huge fan of that birds-and-bees talk from sixth grade.

1- Hunterr

Not only too many r’s the film had too many graphic, sexually explicit content that would set our parent’s stomach to churn. The film had a mature take on crucial subjects like sex addiction, pre-marital sex and arranged marriages in today’s era and is one of the must watch films of our generations but better avoid watching it with parents for obvious reasons.

2- Masti (series)

A sleaze-fest made to keep out-of-work actors busy and happy the film is full of disgustingly vulgar innuendos and sex-crazed characters. Not only parents but sane movie buffs should also avoid this movie because with each sequel the quality has just detoriated and serves as an excuse for exhibition of well-toned legs and nothing more.

3- Kya Kool Hain Hum (series)

The sole purpose of this movie and its sequels was to keep Tusshar Kapoor busy .Sex-comedies or adult films can be promising genres but sadly this film disappointed on so many levels that I have lost count. The sub-standard double-meaning jokes, Tusshar’s exposure this movie will destroy the bond we share with our parents if they came to know we even watch this kind of thing.

4- Delhi Belly

“Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose”- not the only profane element of this stereotype-shattering movie. An interesting piece of work which was quite a fresh breathe of air should be avoided being viewed in the presence of parents because the expletives will definitely create painfully awkward silences and glances.

5- Dev D

This modern rendition of Devdas by Anurag Kashyap was unanimously accepted by the youth of the country but it would quite uneasy to watch this drug fueled sexually risqué movie with parents. The content of the movie would too much to enjoy with parents by our side.

6- Gangs Of Wasseypur (Series)

The movie that launched Anurag Kashyap, Nawazuddin Siddique into the mainstream orbit of recognition is loaded to abuses and in your face sexual content. The deadly combination of gory violence, foul language and steamy scenes with strong content and even stronger content made it a huge success. The movie was a revelation on silver screen but sadly this cinematic genius cannot be enjoyed with our parents.

7- BA Pass

It’s given that this film is completely off the table when it comes to movies to be watched with parents. This dark movie about a mature women seducing a young boy into consensual sex would through our parents entire trust on us into question. It’s highly advisable that you skip this one with the older generation.

8- Hate Story (series)

All the movies from the series had some super steamy scenes. If you want to save yourself some embarrassment, don’t watch the movie with your parents!

9- Sins

This was one hell of a controversial film about a priest who has a torrid affair with a young women. The topless scenes, the racy intimacy shown between Shiney Ahuja and Seema Rahmani and the bold and blatant portrayal of characters makes the case strong that this film isn’t one to be watched with parents. From the posters to the very core of the movie all there is, is obscenity that we should protect our parents from.

10- Jism (series)

Well….well what is it about ‘Jism’ that created a buzz in B-town when it was released? The first installment had some really hot scenes between Bipasha Basu and John Abraham. The second installment failed at the box office but you can, of course, watch it for some dose of Sunny Leone!

11- Ragini MMS

Watching this movie with parents is highly discouraged because of the steamy scenes that adorn the movie. The crude intentions of a man in his lowest point to exploit a woman has been presented in a very poor taste. The content and movie are really not worth the excruciating embarrassment one has to go through while enduring the entire 93 minutes of misadventurous sexual endeavors.


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