11 Pictures Which Couldn’t Be More Perfectly Timed

11 Pictures Which Couldn’t Be More Perfectly Timed

A perfectly captured image is that moment which freezes the frame in a very short time. A split second here and there and we lose the entire story.The most important facet is we have to capture the entire gamut of the environment. We have few amazing images which have been captured at the right moment. Maybe at times even more perfect than what we expect.

Game, catch and match!

The way the sun pecks the pelican’s, right in between catching and swallowing. This is such a soothing picture. Two water animals captured in one picture!

Strong winds making heads turn

Quite an awkward moment this when we try wearing a short dress and gust of wind flows and the entire scene becomes weird. But this photographer we aren’t sure where exactly he was positioned but he managed to capture the perfect moment.

Be careful with your dress

History repeats itself a strong wind blew and the lady had to pull in all her energy to stop her dress from going haywire. This picture has captured the two different scenario in one single image.

The baby does its thing

Babies are the best thing which ever happen to parents. When they are tiny weeny and small they eat, sleep and play. They do hold a different swag. This picture is quite adorable.

He knows what he is doing

Two entirely different worlds in one single frame. The human life and marine life are depicted here. In this picture, fishes find food for themselves inside water, but human hunt fish for their food.

Who blocks that way

Basketball is primarily about shooting the ball through the basket and during the process being defended by the opposition team during regular play. While blocking the opposition player, they blocked the nose, now who formulated this strategy we doze our hats off!

Frog takes a bite

This pretty lady is way too happy to see this little frog in her hand and came quite close but what the camera captured next was unexpectedly funny. She thought this frog will be her prince but this frog woke her up from dreaming such silly things.

Timely capture is this

This picture is quite perfectly timed, its quite impressive that the photographer actually managed to take the shot in this short time. The woman literally went with the flow and this boy’s selfie became memorable throughout his life.

What a wonderful capture

We must give credit where it is due and for sure this photographer is pretty talented the way he has captured both this gorgeous girl and a beautiful flower in one frame making it seem like a girl wearing flowery skirt.

When you are with your friends

Friends are the best thing which can happen to anyone. But in a group, there is one such friend who is always targeted. This picture shows the best Friends moment. Do you have such friends?

How awkward is it

When we attend our best friend’s wedding, we try to capture amazing pictures for creating memories. But when the photographer captures candid weird pictures which looks exactly like this for sure.


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